Top 10 of the dumbest plane passengers in history, those who make you want to take…

Air travel can be very stressful for some passengers. Unfortunately, these anxieties are likely to worsen greatly in contact with other frankly weak passengers. Because traveling on a plane means sharing the same space with a few tens or even hundreds of people, and not all of them are as well constituted as you. The proof.

1. During a flight in China, a passenger opens the emergency door because he is a little hot

I assure you, the plane had just landed in the province of Sichuan. Except that this maneuver triggered the running of the emergency slides, which caused a big mess. Of course the guy didn’t get out of it like that and stuck with 15 days in police custody and a €9,000 fine. Good for the 9000 € I don’t say (even if the slide option is expensive), but the 15 days of police custody is frankly weird. What can the guy say except “I was hot, I was wrong”? They are a bit tough.


2. In Austria, a plane had to land urgently because of a passenger’s farts

It wasn’t that the farts were so fragrant that even the pilots were drowning in their own sheaf of disgust. But the flatulence being still binding, the tension began to rise between the passengers and two of them began to slap each other on the face forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing in Vienna. A more lenient city towards petomanes.


3. A naughty passenger gets stuck in his seat

Sometimes there are weird passengers. But sometimes there are even weirder passengers who manage to overpower the other weird passengers. Here’s the story: a guy totally burned out on a flight was starting to get everyone drunk and aggressive. So aggressive that the other passengers found nothing better than to tape him to control him (including by taping his mouth, must say that the guy was spitting glaviots on everyone). Well, I’m not sure that the method is really commendable but hey, for lack of means…


4. A plane cancels its takeoff because a passenger thinks she toasted the presence of a terrorist

It all starts in Philadelphia on a plane about to take off. A passenger sitting next to a man who had the nerve to have dark skin and curly hair and write lots of numbers on a piece of paper she assumes to be a terrorist’s secret code. Suddenly, she asks to get out of the plane claiming to be unwell and then denounces the unfortunate. Let’s fight, the man is immediately questioned about these mysterious figures. Except that in fact, the man in question is a well-known serious economist, Guido Menzio, who was working on a differential equation. Bottom line: Being bad at math (and racist) makes us accuse anyone of terrorism.


5. A baggage handler who accidentally falls asleep in the hold

We talk a lot about stupid passengers but sometimes there are also stupid employees, very stupid. In this case, this luggage handler, after all sympathetic, fell asleep in the hold of an Alaska Airlines plane. When he woke up, the guy freaked out a little (normal), and banged on the cabin with all his might to make his presence known, which forced the plane to make an emergency landing in Seattle, 14 minutes later. takeoff. The stupid thing.


6. Two pilots get confused mid-flight and leave the cockpit

On a Jet Airways flight from London to Bombay, two pilots began to undo their hair so violently that one of the pilots came out of the cockpit in tears after being slapped. As the passengers try to convince her to go back, the second pilot gets out and therefore leaves the plane without any commands. Well, no drama in itself, everything ended well (except for the two pilots who were suspended), but this anecdotal story certainly plunges us back into the stormy question of the right to fart or not in the cockpit.


7. A naked passenger gets tasered after provoking the captain

On the flight that linked Malta to Manchester, a slightly disturbed but above all totally drunk passenger started to change his clothes one by one and then found nothing better than to go and do the helicopter with his zgeg in front of the captain . The latter, who hates helicopters, was resolutely annoyed by this performance, however artistic it was. The man is arrested after landing and even tasered since he persisted in wanting to get naked. And being tasé when you’re naked must hurt.


8. A passenger creates panic by naming his WIFI “Bomb on board”

It’s true that we did smarter as a joke. Suddenly, because of this slightly creepy network name, the plane landed in emergency in Sudan… for nothing. But good hat for the valve.


9. A passenger creates panic by singing “I will always love you” in mid-flight

On an American Airlines flight, a passenger who felt good about pushing the ditty started yelling Whitney Houston’s hit without agreeing to be silent, which forced the plane to make an emergency landing for suspicious behavior . It’s true that if you’re not a fan of the film Bodyguard it can be interpreted as an ostentatious sign of hostility.


10. A teenager jumps out of his plane after it lands.

Quite similar to our story of a Chinese passenger who opened the emergency door because it was too hot, this time we are dealing with a teenager in a great hurry to find the outside world and who therefore had the emergency door operated to get out faster. The 17 year old guy would have slipped from the wing of the plane on the tarmac and for this reason, we respect him because we would have liked to experience that one day in our life.


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