The gaming community is capable of doing great things, like the developers who made cool stuff or the people who are responsible for The Witcher 3. And if there’s one thing that video games have taught us, it’s perseverance and diligence. Some players have therefore pushed the limits of the possible to enter the legend by launching completely improbable challenges, which we invite you to discover right away.

Miss Mikkaa: the one who beat Malenia with a Dance Pad

Gamer and streamer MissMikkaa pulled off several unlikely challenges, but probably one of the most notable was when she knocked down boss Malenia (Elden Ring) using only her feet on an in-game platform just dance. Not content with having made a hell of a performance, she did the same again by playing at the same time with her hands on another screen, killing the boss twice at the same time. Unbelievable.

Dinossindgeil: the one who has completed all FromSoftware games in a row without getting hit

This player took almost 120 days to complete his challenge. The “God Run” consists of completing all the games from the FromSoftware studio, considered to be the hardest games in the world (the three Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro and Elden Ring) without getting hit once, otherwise we had to start all over again from the beginning. Dinossindgeil won the challenge and went down in history as the first ever. Simply GOAT.

Runnerguy2489: the one who completed Zelda Ocarina of time at 100% while blindfolded

The beautiful feat. If the game is not necessarily the most complicated in the world, any bloody game could become so when you have a bag on your head. This is the challenge that Runnerguy2489 still set himself, knowing the game absolutely by heart and finishing it in one go with his eyes covered. It seems that he also knows how to make super good lasagna without hands.

Kayane: the one who defeats her opponent in SoulCalibur V without looking at the screen

The French player is considered one of the best players in the fighting game Soul Calibur and during an event in 2013 she had run over one of her opponents without looking at the screen, literally rolling him under the eyes of the cameras by chaining combos. Enough to force eternal respect.

Carrie Swidecki: the one who played 76 hours in a row at Just Dance

If you’ve ever played a game of Just Dance you probably know that after ten minutes of play you want to die because it’s so physical. A player therefore challenged herself to complete a 76-hour marathon (and 4 minutes, 52 seconds to be precise) without stopping and without dying. It could be worth a gold medal at the Olympics such a performance.

DOLCE: the one who managed a game of Beatmania by pressing the keys too much

You know the super hero Flash ? Well it exists in real real life and is called DOLCE. The gentleman managed to play a perfect game by pressing the buttons 1836 times in less than two minutes without making any mistakes. No machine can test it. Except perhaps a machine created to press buttons 1837 times in less than two minutes, there indeed he would be well screwed.

Lord Saradoc: the one who completed Super Mario Bros in five minutes

The principle of speedrun is always amazing to see, but when it comes to a game as iconic as Super Mario Bros. it also plays on the nostalgic side. The world record is held by Lord Saradoc who completed the game in 4 minutes and 28 seconds, a rather incredible feat.

John Bates: the one who broke the Wii Bowling record

It’s the story of an American grandfather who completely broke the Wii Sports Bowling world record by making 14,000 perfect games. It can take a long, long time which explains why it is a retiree who holds this record and we are facing a sacred champion that everyone would like to have as a grandfather. Unless he’s an old bastard, because we don’t know if he’s nice after all, just that he’s good at Wii Bowling.

Srwfe: the one who finished Dark Souls using only his feet

It’s not a dance pad but it’s still amazing: a player managed to complete the game Dark Souls using only his toes to move the character. For information I have never completed the game using both hands. But I’m super dumb too.

It’s not to tell me but once I managed to eat five apples on my Nokia’s Snake game. Not a little proud.

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