Top 10 of the craziest figures in snowboarding, it makes you dizzy

During The Nines event organized by Falken (a Japanese tire brand), a few days ago, snow figures records were broken, and it’s frankly incredible.

There are those who ski, and those who snowboard, and between us we know very well who are the most stylish (it’s snowboarding in case you haven’t understood). We’re afraid they’ll break their necks, but no, these freestylers have totally mastered their thing (not like you), we’ll let you observe.

1. The Japanese Hiroto Ogiwara performs a Backside 2160

On April 8, the Japanese Hiroto Ogiwara made snowboarding history when he was only 16 years old when he performed a “Backside 2160” (a figure performed only on skis before), a figure which consists of doing 6 rotations on yourself. He achieves this feat in Crans-Montana in Switzerland, so for all the little skaters who feel more because they get on a ramp, watch this for two seconds (just kidding, I don’t even know how to ride a scooter personally).

2. The Japanese Reira Iwabuchi and her “triple frontside underflip 1260”

And no, that’s not the name of a new HP printer, and besides, I advise you to get used to the names of the figures, because they all look pretty much like that. Still in Crans-Montana, this time it is the Japanese Reira Iwabuchi who breaks a record, because she is the first woman to perform a triple frontside underflip 1260, which consists of performing three rotations on herself before land (the images will surely be more telling).

3. Laurie Blouin, following very closely

The Quebecer, after seeing the Japanese perform the figure, thought that she too could do it (the emulation is beautiful): banco! she in turn becomes the second woman to perform a triple frontside underflip.

The Quebecoise then declared: “it’s quite incredible to push yourself and each other by doing such tricks. I really like this vibe. The Nines offer the perfect configuration to try a triple because the jump is huge, it is perfectly shaped, it is safe, all you have to do is launch. “, well we have not understood everything, but we can see that she is happy.

4. The frontside double cork 1440, made especially in town by Gigi Rüf

This Austrian snowboarder likes to think big. Snowboarding yes, but freeriding (without course), because it’s more fun and more dangerous.

And on top of that he does tricks like the frontside double cork 1440, which I would have a hard time explaining to you again (he does stylish whirlwinds in the air), but which I’ll let you watch in the video below below (which is not a Gigi Rüf video, sorry).

5. Ayumu Hirano and his triple cork

At the last Games in Beijing, the Japanese Ayumu Hirano finally succeeded in winning gold with an incredible figure that was very difficult to perform in competition: a triple cork. Ayumu Hirano had twice come second, and this time he finally managed to climb on the top step of the podium.

It was the first triple cork made in competition, and that’s how the Japanese made history. And to explain a little, a triple cork is a jump with diagonal rotations, the more you do the more the jump is impressive.

6. Ben Ferguson and the Frontside 720

Ben Ferguson, the American snowboarder is known for the impressive tricks he manages to achieve in competition, for his participation in the 2018 Olympics and these silver and bronze medals at the Winter X Games, an American snowboarding competition.

What is the “frontside 720” (I too am tired of these stupid names)? Basically it’s a 720° jump or spin in the air. Yes, it’s poorly explained, once again, so I’ll let you see the pros.

7. One Foot Tricks

For once, the name is telling enough. Perhaps less impressive than the tricks already mentioned, the one foot trick is no less difficult. As the name suggests, it’s all about jumping and landing with your feet together.

The snowboarder Bode Merrill makes it his signature, with derivative forms of one foot tricks which are really not bad to see, enough to inspire you to show off on the mountain next year (or just blow your face off).

8. Double Mc Twist

An MC Twist is a vertical rotation while twisting, in short, a difficult jump that you can perform only if you are very, very strong (don’t do it). So already we just told you that the Mc Twist was quite stylish, so imagine the DOUBLE MC twist… it’s the same thing but twice as complicated.

Snowboarder Shaun White had performed a Double MC Twist 1260 (the number being the number of degrees of rotation so 1260 is a lot) at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and had impressed the whole public. It must be said that it throws.

9. And finally, the Wildcat

The “Wildcat” is a backflip performed in the air. It’s a pretty crazy trick to perform given that you have to do a backflip and you have to be careful to stay in line to land, otherwise you’ll freak out like never before.

10. The Vitelli Turn invented by Serge Vitelli

The Vitelli Turn created by the snowborder Serge Vitelli is more a trick to show off than anything else. The goal is to make a turn while holding your snowboard, and as close as possible to the snow, which gives a good result and makes you look like someone experienced. There you have it, that was our last figure tip that you can do the next time you go to a restaurant.

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