Top 10 of the coolest moves of Elon Musk, a chic guy

In the long list of tech personalities, inventors and influential leaders of big companies, Elon Musk holds a rather special place. As adored as criticized, the character divides, in turn considered an egocentric or a genius. If in fact we could find quite positive things to say about him, we also find much less brilliant ones, and inevitably, it is on these sides that we are going to talk. And that clearly has nothing to do with the fact that he is very rich, on that we already have the comparisons between our money and that of Elon Musk.

1. Statements about the dead during the colonization of Mars

In 2021, Musk distinguished himself by talking about the Mars colonization project he is trying to develop: “Honestly there will probably be some deaths at the beginning”. If in fact this may be true, it is still not necessarily positive to say and makes one think that he is already trying to prepare the ground for a future failure. If we can see that as a certain mark of honesty, we cannot help thinking that it is on the one hand clumsy and on the other hand a means of justifying poor preparation or the haste of the mission which should, on the contrary, be millimetered.

2. Statements about journalists and their credibility

Fillings are dangerous, whatever they are. It was with one of his many controversial tweets that Musk had felt the urge to create a “website that would rate the credibility of journalists”. If the idea of ​​grading people on any criterion is disgusting enough, generalizing by putting everyone in the same basket and smearing the work of honest and passionate journalists was very inappropriate. Inevitably, the fact that this happens after an article which spoke about safety in its factories was not necessarily the best timing.

3. Sending thousands of satellites around the Earth

Elon Musk’s Starlink company would like to be able to send nearly 42,000 satellites into orbit around the Earth in the coming years to manage a high-speed internet connection anywhere in the world. The crazy project already doesn’t necessarily have good press with the general public, but astronomers don’t see the idea positively either. This could effectively pollute the vision needed to study space or simply prevent travel there if several satellites fail.

4. Tesla model names

A fairly well-known fact, but the choice of names for Tesla cars is frankly not very inspired. Models Y, S, X and 3 actually form the word “S3XY”, it’s still a bit redundant for high-end cars and it’s not very credible. Of course, Musk didn’t stop there as he went on to sell a model of red satin mini-shorts with the word “S3XY” embroidered on them. The site has also crashed under the influx of orders, so we have to believe that it works.

5. Give his son a shitty name

Everyone is free to give the first name they want to their children (well it’s still framed a minimum it seems to me, we can’t do anything either). But calling his son “X Æ A-Xii” is frankly not a cool move at all. Already because inside there is the elvish alphabet, the variable of the unknown but especially because the last part refers to an airplane model. Poor kid.

6. His tweet while rescuing children in Thailand

When a class of children was stranded in a cave in Thailand, Elon Musk gave rescue teams a “child-sized” submarine to help. By tweeting an image of the machine, one of the rescuers and several other people had denounced a very unwelcome publicity stunt on an event that could be tragic. The story could have ended there, but Elon Musk tweeted again accusing the British rescuer of being a pedophile before deleting the tweet. Once again, very clumsy as an exit.

7. The fake telework authorization

Elon Musk had at the start of the covid crisis sent his employees an email (subsequently relayed by the press) in which he said that everyone could choose to remain telework and that no one was obliged to come to the office. factory. He then passed for a boss concerned about the health of his employees while announcing that he would go to work every day and that it was his choice. But shortly after, the Washington Post showed that several employees had received dismissal letters for preferring to stay at home. So it’s really not crazy at all.

8. The number of covid cases at Tesla’s California factory

Despite the recommendations of the authorities, the Californian Tesla car factory had reopened in May 2020. Not less than a week later, several cases of covid were discovered in the factory and it had therefore climbed exponentially. In total, it is still 450 cases out of all the employees, which is quite enormous. And at the same time people were going to work otherwise they risked receiving a dismissal letter so good…

Top 10 of the coolest moves of elon musk, a chic guy

9. Unfair dismissals (again) of unionized employees

The facts date back to 2019 when the company prevented its workers from being able to unionize and even fired some workers for distributing leaflets in front of the premises. Other employees had denounced internal interrogations following this affair and the company had been condemned for non-respect and violation of labor rights. Frankly we can defend the guy for the innovations and the fact that he is one of the billionaires who started from nothing, but admit that it’s still been several stories frankly not phew.

10. An analyst’s “boring” questions about financial results

During a discussion with financial analysts, Elon Musk refused to answer several questions about Tesla’s declining results while calling the questions boring. Inevitably, the idea of ​​running away from the questions went quite badly and Tesla’s stock market share had fallen. Once again, it sucks.

Well, we don’t criticize for free either, Elon Musk also does great things and seems sincere when he campaigns for green energies and the future of the planet, and that’s already not bad compared to other billionaires.

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