Top 10 of the biggest haters in cinema, wouldn’t you be a little offended?

Cinema is a party. Well, that’s what they’re trying to make us believe. Or, let’s say that, as in all parties, there are people who are less popular than the others and who are a bit sulky because no one invites them to dance. It’s a bit like what happens with directors and actors who are disgusted at not receiving the honors they thought they deserved, at not having won the Oscars and Césars, or simply not being successful. Afterwards, they get annoyed and end up playing the big haters. A role that suits them perfectly.

1. Mathieu Kassovitz: “I bugger French cinema”

Yeah, it starts strong. At the César 2012, Kassovitz had the bad surprise to find that his film order and morality, which he had worn for years, had only been nominated once, in the “best adapted screenplay” category. The disappointment, we can understand it, but this good Mathieu, follower of bloodshed, expressed it by writing on Twitter that he buggered French cinema and that, in any case, he did not care about the Caesars. A good angry move, but at the same time that’s also why we like the Kassovitz.

2. Juliette Binoche regrets not having been nominated for the César 2021

Attention, in the video below, Binoche mixes rage with a big pinch of unease. She posted it on her Instagram after noticing her absence in the nominations for the “Best Actress” category of the César 2021. And… how can I put it? It’s hard to watch. With a weird intonation Juliette Binoche finds “weird” the decision of the César committee and wonders if there has not been “a trick at the level of senior management”. It’s kind of the opposite of “losing with dignity”.

3. Dany Boon complained about having his own category at the Césars

At the César 2009, the film by Welcome to the Ch’tis was only named in the “best screenplay” category (which was already nice), but that wasn’t enough for Dany Boon who had therefore planned to boycott the ceremony. Eventually he showed up, but in orange sweatpants to show that comedy directors never got up because they never got awards. Finally, the Césars created a “People’s Choice” category to please Dany, so he got his César in 2018. It’s a bit like arranging for his kid to have the bean to avoid a big crisis .

4. For Ridley Scott, if “The Last Duel” did not work, it is because of the millennials

Ridley Scott, who is a huge director, couldn’t help but fall into the trap of rage too in 2021 when his film did a bad score at the box office. In a podcast, he explained that the failure was due to millennials who spend their time on their “damn” phones and don’t want to learn anything unless it’s through their phones. A bit of a boomer point of view, but at the same time the guy is really getting older so we can’t blame him too much.

5. Nicolas Bedos, disgusted that his girl Doria Tillier was not named best hope

Well, there, we are on a rather nice rage, especially knowing the Bedos son, but it is funny all the same. When the director learned that Doria Tillier, with whom he has had a history for many years, was not named among the best female hopefuls for the César 2018, he had it bad. So he posted a photo of Doria on Twitter with the caption: “Except my respect for the revelation committee of the 2018 Caesars, an admiring thought for Doria Tillier…” It’s true that it’s a shame for her, but hey, we have to accept the committee’s decision, huh.

6. Jean-Luc Godard, who came to fuck the shit up at Cannes in 1968

Jean-Luc Godard and his new wave friends were fully behind May 68, and they decided that the Cannes Film Festival should not take place that year out of solidarity with the movement. Faced with the refusal of the organizers to cancel, Godard showed up on the Croisette and declared: “I’m talking to you about solidarity with students and workers and you’re talking to me about traveling shots and close-ups?! Are you jerks?! » After that, he and his collective prevented the projection of a film and succeeded in canceling the end of the festival. Bah ok Jean-Luc, break everything, we won’t say anything.

7. James Wan was pissed off because Aquaman wasn’t nominated for the 2019 Oscars for Best Special Effects.

Well, we understand a little the director ofAquaman, because it’s true that the special effects of his film were rather sympatoches, but from there to getting angry on Facebook saying that it’s a “damn shame”… Well, in truth, we also understand. Nevertheless, James Wan still deserved his place among the haters. You’ll see, James, we’re fine here.

8. Eddie Murphy quit the Oscars after not winning

In 2007, comedian Eddie Murphy was nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the film Dreamgirls, and everyone was convinced that he was going to win the statuette. Only, on the day of the ceremony, well, he didn’t win. So he got up and left the room. Not hyper fair play as a reaction.

9. Spike Lee didn’t appreciate Green Book winning the 2019 Best Picture Oscar.

Normal that the director of BlacKkKlansman, competing for the same prize, be disappointed, but there Spike Lee squarely tried to leave the ceremony at the announcement of the victory of his competitor. He was eventually caught but refused to listen to the winners’ acceptance speech with his back to the stage. Fortunately, he was able to console himself with the Oscar for best screenplay. It’s already that.

10. Uwe Boll smashed his haters in a ring

The German Uwe Boll is a very productive director but also specialized in the realization of big boobs, so not surprising that he receives a lot of shitty reviews in the face. Tired, and convinced that the people who criticize him have never seen his films, Uwe Boll decided to settle his accounts by proposing to 4 of his detractors to come face him in a ring for a boxing match. Only, he had forgotten to warn these film critics that he had done boxing, and he broke them in the ring. After knocking out almost all of them, Uwe Boll said: “Now they are brain dead and they will like my films. » Nice spirit.

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