Top 10 of the biggest dodgers in skiing, the people who really screw up your holidays

Everyone knows it, the mountains are cool. The beautiful landscapes, the holidays, the food. But you’re never alone and there are people capable of ruining your stay in less time than it takes to fall off the butt lift. He’s a father, a mother, a student, a guy from another country. The people who break your balls in the mountains can have different shapes but always have characteristic ways of acting, and it’s not the lack of snow that will stop them from raging. Fortunately, they can be recognized easily.

1. The one who stops in the middle of the track

To take a picture, watch his children also plow in the middle of the track, find his way, call his mother, or simply to be there. Come on, but move on from there, let us test my all schuss à la Luc Alphand

Top 10 of the biggest dodgers in skiing, the people who really screw up your holidays

2. The one who grumbles when people don’t fill the booths at rush hour

However, if he can be alone in his own, he is a taker. And if he does not succeed, he will lecture the cabin neighbors during the ascent. He will also continue with a general criticism of our society which is going to shit, with a wobbly government and capitalism which is devouring us. All while blowing hard and rolling eyes.

3. The one who picnics behind THE hump

Tracking the terrain from the chairlift, fixed starting point for the take-off, working Gopro, everything is prepared to the millimeter to make the jump of our lives a success. But there is always the guy who decides to take out the sandwich precisely at this place, thus preventing us from rising towards the heavens by about 30cm. It’s the end of our career as freestylers. We would have missed it anyway but it’s obviously his fault.

4. The one that grows in the tail of the chairlift

And this jerk walks on our skis without apologizing. The tail of the chairlift is already in itself a challenge to stay upright. But this guy adds to it by pushing us because “maybe if I push the person in front, the chairlift will speed up”. And hop a stick in the ribs, it does not change the waiting time but it’s good for the nerves.

5. The one who carries his skis on his shoulder

While we struggle to carry ours without them touching the ground. Limit we are dragging them on the ground. Of course he taught his children to do the same. We put people in prison for less than that. Insupportable.

6. The one who buys a burger and a coke for 2500€

In addition, he struts around on his clean wooden table facing the sun. The frozen ham and butter in your backpack is less cravings. The worst is that sometimes this swelling does not even finish his plate or his drink.

Top 10 of the biggest dodgers in skiing, the people who really screw up your holidays

7. The one who overtakes you at full speed without warning

At the risk of breaking something in the process. But he doesn’t care, he has to go down that blue run at 130 km/h to beat his record, so your life doesn’t matter. If the station was the ring road, this guy would be either a motorbike or a taxi, but what is certain is that he would be a beautiful motherfucker.

8. The one who makes big snowplow turns

By making sure we can’t overtake it. Seems like his goal isn’t to get down, but to piss off as many people as possible. The most cunning use this technique on very narrow, straight and flat slopes; sometimes even helped by his children. There is more respect.

9. The one who sings “When will I see you again, wonderful country!” as soon as a chairlift stops

Let’s agree: it was funny in 1979, now that’s enough. And it’s the same for The Snow Queen.

Top 10 of the biggest dodgers in skiing, the people who really screw up your holidays

10. The one who takes up space on the chairlift

The guy takes his whole life with him on the chairlift, he has everything in his backpack and takes great care to take out each object during the 10 minute climb. The camera to flash the ugly tree downstairs, and his phone to talk very loudly with his interlocutor. Moreover, with this kind of super comfortable guy, we are not immune to taking a punch or two in the face. He won’t apologize, because it’s our fault, we don’t leave him his comfort zone.

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