Top 10 of the best star lookalikes in history, we see double

Hello, I am the official lookalike of Karim Leklou and I come today to talk to you about lookalikes. Here at Topito we often show you failed look-alikes because we like to make fun of the rest of the world for free, but today I invite you to admire the best look-alikes in history, the ones that still look a lot like their model. Those who could really be mistaken for real celebrities. Those who will make you drop ” Oh yes anyway “ in front of your screen.

1. Jean-Michel Blanquer look-alike

His name is Nour Durand-Raucher, he is an elected Europe Ecologie Les Verts for mayor of Paris, and he took part in a small happening to get a kick out of the real Blanquer during IbizaGate. For me, this guy is a national hero and deserves a reversal of roles: from now on, Blanquer will be Nour Durand-Raucher’s look-alike.

2. The priest François Hollande

In 2013, everyone freaked out when they discovered Javier Alonso Sandoica, a Spanish priest who looked like two drops of (holy) water to the one who was President of France at the time. It’s simple, the guy is Hollande with hair and a priest’s collar. Other than that, I don’t see any difference.

3. Natalie Portman’s male lookalike

It’s an “unusual” story as the old folks would say, and it’s about Clyff, a grown man who, leafing through his old family photos, realized he was Natalie Portman’s look-alike when he was 13 years old. . Today he doesn’t look like him at all, but we must admit that the cliché is disturbing.

4. The almost Kim Kardashian

It is Kamilla Osman, a Canadian in her twenties, who cultivates her resemblance to Kim K so much that it is difficult to distinguish who is who. The girl even went on the show keeping up with the Kardashians, and Kim did not look super happy to find herself in front of her mirror. In the end, there is still a small detail that differentiates them quite a bit: one leads an empire, and the other does not.

5. Angelina Jolie’s twin sister

She’s a Scottish girl named Chelsea Marr who is followed by over 85,000 people on Instagram just because she looks like the actress. This is the unique opportunity to one day see Angelina Jolie play the bagpipes in a kilt, and just for that life would be worth living.

6. Katy Perry’s Mirror

Francesca Brown is an actress, and she claimed a few years ago that her resemblance to Katy Perry ruined her career. Suddenly, since then, she has lived off her resemblance to Katy Perry. Yeah, finally she got back on her feet.

7. Fake Snow

When Game of Thrones was a hit all over the world, a photo of a Jon Snow lookalike dressed as the night’s watch turned out pretty well, and for good reason: the guy is the perfect lookalike of the character played by Kit Harrington. The problem is that we never managed to find out who the guy was. A Canadian, a priori, but we don’t know more. As a result, he just bears the wonderful name of “Faux Snow” which suits him like a glove.

8. The DiCaprio with that little something less

We’ll be honest, Konrad Annerud is both hyper like DiCaprio but also much less BG. That’s how it is, life is unfair, and she chose to ensure that no one matched the beauty of young DiCaprio. Yes, only young, because today the guy is a little more ordinary.

9. Ryan Gosling’s German double

Too bad he’s German and not French because he could have chosen a cool look-alike name like “Ryan BeauGossLing”. There it’s just a Ryan Gosling who puts on sandals with socks and it’s much less classy.

10. Twins Liam Hemsworth and Karen Khachanov

Come on, we end up on a double look-alike since actor Liam Hemsworth and tennis player Karen Khachanov, both known, have exactly the same face. If it weren’t for that little difference in eye colors, you could easily think it’s just one and the same person who would still have managed their career pretty darn well. This is unfortunately not the case.

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