Top 10 of the best responses from stars to jokes, it’s not because you’re a fan that you…

It must be too boring to be known. We recognize you in the street, you have plenty of money, everyone wants to sleep with you, we respect you or we hate you, you fuel conversations among people. The best way to respond to criticism and manage to hold on despite the avalanche of mail is to be funny. It must be too boring to be famous and not funny.

1. John Cleese

John Cleese is questioned by a 14-year-old child about the existence of a fanclub in his name. His answer is perfect:

“Dear Matthew,

I’m afraid I’m really too important to write words to people like you.

Thank you for remembering that I am very very very very very very important.

Anyway, there is no John Cleese fan club (in spite of my importance), because its members were all killed in 1983 by those of the Michael Palin fan club.

I am attaching a photo to remind you of my importance.

Good for you,

John Cleese. »

2. James Blunt

On Twitter, James Blunt is a punk. His answers are always hilarious, and this one especially. When a user questions the community to find out if she shares her suicidal desires when she sees James Blunt appear in an English pub, he simply replies: “Don’t use me as an excuse. » BAM.

3.Ryan Reynolds

Like James Blunt, Ryan Reynolds is laughing out loud on Twitter. He specialized in responding to sexual proposals. Bad luck, every time someone offers him sex, he’s busy defending a humanitarian cause. Anthology:

Please, please slaughter my vagina, sir. -> Sorry, I’m actually carrying my niece to her baptism.

Sign my dick. —> Oops, I’m just giving my grandmother her diabetes medication.

Ryan, could you put a chopstick in my anus? –> Sorry, I’m saving this young dolphin caught in a fishing net.

Let me sit on your face, dad -> Sorry, but that rare injured American eagle hoper can’t take care of itself.

4. Omar Sy

Omar Sy responds. “Hello guys! “. Unfortunately, this tweet has since been deleted.

5. Zach Braff

Zach Braff (Garden State, Scrubs) defends himself quite well against a girl who tells him that he looks old in his profile picture.

Yours makes you look like a poor drunken sorority girl who thinks she knows her best side, but is mistaken.

6. Jamel Debbouze

While an English surfer laughs at him for not knowing him by saying that he looks embedded in a photo in the stands of PSG Chelsea, Jamel responds in a rather funny way.

7. George Bernard Shaw

The playwright George Bernard Shaw was bombarded with requests from young authors in search of recognition. To one of these, who had submitted his text to him, he replied: Your text is both good and original. Unfortunately, the parts that are good are not original, and the parts that are original are not good.. »

8.Steve Martin

To answer one of his fans, the American comedian Steve Martin pretended to answer falsely personally. The result is brilliant (the handwritten passages are not in italics):

A personal letter from Steve Martin

Expensive jerry,

What a pleasure to receive your letter. Despite my busy schedule, I decided to take the time to answer you personally.

Too often artists lose touch with their audience and start to take success for granted, but I don’t think that will happen to me, what do you think? jerry ? I don’t know when I’ll be performing near you, but keep this letter in case I come to play Flint.

PS: I will always cherish this afternoon spent with you in Rio, walking along the beach and watching rocks. »

9. Conan O’Brien

In 2003, Conan O’Brien received a love letter from a teenage fan who invited him to her prom. He answers the following:

Dear Nikki,

Thank you for your flattering invitation. It’s great to know that I have such a dedicated fan and I’m sure you’d make a great prom date (I didn’t go to mine, and that’s a super sad story).

Unfortunately, I recently got married and my wife no longer allows me to go to proms with young, pretty 16-year-old girls. It was still very nice of you to propose.

Very good evening,

Your friend

10.Barack Obama

Invited to comply with the sequence of nasty tweets (he must read tweets critical of him) in Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Obama shows a lot of repartee.

Could someone dump Obama on a golf course in some remote corner of the world and leave him there? Obama is formal: it’s a great idea.

11. (Bonus) Diogenes

As a bald guy insulted Diogenes in the street, he replied, “I’m not going to be cheeky with you, but I congratulate your hair for coming out of your head.” »

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