Top 10 of the best places to abandon your children, it can be practical

People who have children often repeat that it is their greatest happiness, and that they would not change anything in their life. And then, after a few drinks, we feel that they would in fact give anything to get rid of their kids, to go on vacation or find a restaurant for less than 80 bucks. Here are some ideas that may help you if you are in this situation.

(Note that we are publishing this top only because its author has been psychologically harassing for weeks, and that in reality abandoning your children is almost as bad as leaving the empty jar of Nutella in the cupboard.)

1. A motorway rest area

We start with a great classic. Motorway rest areas are full of nooks and crannies in which to hide a kid to make sure he isn’t found right away: the shop, the truck parking lot, the L’Arche restaurant… Everything is there for a successful abandonment. However during the summer, be human and leave him a small bottle of cold water.

2. An Ikea store

Lay him down in a FJELLSE 90×200 bed (whose structure only costs 32 euros), and wait for him to fall asleep. You will then have plenty of time to finish your shopping, and get out discreetly before security is alerted. Ikea stores are usually placed near major highways that will allow you to be far away when the child starts crying.

Top 10 of the best places to abandon your children, it can be practical

3. Any supermarket

One of the most suitable places, since you will generally just have to speed up your pace to disappear between two rays and head towards the exit. All you have to do is keep your cool when you hear the traditional “Little Julien is waiting for his parents at the central cash register”.

4. A Decathlon

Take the child to the team sports department, put a ball in his hands, and take advantage of his entertainment to spin fissa. The advantage of Decat’ is that the child will be able to survive it for a long time, living in a Quechua tent and eating dehydrated dishes such as this excellent chicken curry.

Top 10 of the best places to abandon your children, it can be practical

5. A park

Again, you just have to wait for the child to have enough fun to take your legs around your neck without him noticing. And then in a park, there are always other parents who will no doubt be happy to adopt your child.

7. An airport

In an airport, the child will have all the space necessary for his physical development in the various halls. He will also have at his disposal a number of restaurants and shops that will allow him to make his life without difficulty, and above all, without you.

Top 10 of the best places to abandon your children, it can be practical

8. A SPA hideaway

After all, if they know how to take care of little trominion animals so well, they should find a little piece of cage for Dylan. And then contact with animals is good for children.

9. Hellfest

Hellfest is populated by big bearded men who, once the first impression has passed, have nothing but love to give. Why deprive them of this pleasure?

10. A Beach

“Come on Bryan, we’re going to play a game. Dad and mom bury you in the sand, and you’ll see we’re going to have a good laugh”. Don’t forget sunscreen and a small umbrella. Another little trick: choose a location far enough from the tide line, just to give it a little chance.

Editor’s note, this top is a humorous top we do not really advise you to abandon your children for the simple reason that it is prohibited by law (unless they are really relou from chez relou but you will then have to bring supporting documents).

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