Top 10 of the best Madrid comebacks in Europe, from the most recent to the oldest

If you follow the Champions League a bit, you will have understood that Real likes to play with our emotions. Why win big when you can make the suspense last and reverse the trend in the 90th minute? Well, go ask Karim Benzema and all his Madrid friends, because overall, the level of recovery and tachycardia attacks are not bad. You will see with this top that in fact the comebacks are a bit of a Real special, like PSG, with the difference that Real wins at the end. Ouch.

1. Let’s start at the beginning, the comeback against PSG a few weeks ago

Real’s first comeback in this Champions League was against PSG (1-0 in the first leg and 3-1 in the return leg with a hat-trick from KB9), to the great despair of the Parisians. We’ve talked about this comeback maybe 23,567,897 times, so we’re not going to summarize it once again. Is it a Real special or rather a PSG special to shit each other a hair away from qualifying? You have 3 hours.

2. The crazy match that Real just gave us last night

It all started quite calmly, we were almost pissed off, when Riyad Mahrez finally opened the scoring in the 73rd. There, you would think that the betting was done, it took two goals for Real to snatch extra time, in just over 15 minutes it seemed fair.

And yet Ancelotti’s men did it, Rodrygo, in 90 and 91 scored an unreal double. Then a big mistake from the Mancunians which causes a penalty, of course transformed by the great Benzema, and that’s it. Real qualify after an irReal match (it’s not mine, don’t blame me for this joke in bad taste).

3. The comeback against Wolfsburg (2015/2016 season)

In this quarter-final Real had first lost against Wolfsburg, 2 to 0 in Germany, as usual it started badly for the people of Madrid. But Zizou’s men were not going to let it go, back in Spain, CR7 offered us an incredible hat-trick and qualified his team for the semi-finals. Bye Bye Wolfsburg, that’s what pissing off Ronaldo. Note that they then won this Champions League against their rivals Atletico. Own.

4. The 2001/2002 Champions League quarter-final

Again against the Germans in the quarter-finals, Madrid were beaten 2-1 in the first leg by Bayern Munich, while Geremi opened the scoring in the 11th minute in favor of Merengue. Bayern came back in the last moments of the match (82′ and 88′), but that will not be enough.

Back at the Bernabéu, Real were able to reverse the trend, with a goal from Helguera and a goal from Guti in the 85th minute which delivered his team. And tell yourself that we are only at the fourth point, there have been quite a few comebacks like this…

5. 1987 European Cup, quarter-final second leg against Red Star Belgrade

Yes, we go back a lot of years, but it’s also a historical top in the end and it won’t hurt you to know a little more about Real (especially since there aren’t so many comebacks either than that from the 2000s in the final stages).

BRIEF, beaten 4-2 in the first leg in Belgrade, the Spaniards woke up in the second leg thinking that it might not be bad to win and qualified in extremis 2-0 (knowing that the rule of the goal at the exterior still existed at that time).

6. The 1985/86 UEFA Cup semi-final against Inter

Again in the semi-final against Inter, the Merengue are eaten in the first leg (3-1). But as they say “we’ll see who will eat the last” (it’s not quite that but too bad), the people of Madrid came back into the race with a magnificent score 5-1. Madrid had managed to make the difference in regulation time (3-1) and Santillana had confirmed the job in extra time with a double. I wish I was born to see this.

7. Still the same competition, but the Round of 16 this time

Really, Real was in trouble that year, and from the round of 16 the people of Madrid had had difficulties against Borussia Mönchengladbach. A 5-1 defeat on the way, as much to tell you that the morale was as good as a rainy Monday morning, so no phew what. And yet, in the return match once again, they create the feat and go up 4-0. Victoire. Qualification.

8. The round of 16 between Anderlecht and Real (1984/1985)

During the 84/85 season Anderlecht had shit on Real (I try to renew myself in terms of expressions) by beating them 3 goals to 0 in the first leg. The rest you know, tripled from Emilio Butragueno and doubled from Jorge Valdano. Bam 6-1, like that, effortlessly.

9. The quarter-finals against Celtic Glasgow in 1980

Yeah, we’re really starting to go far in the years, but don’t panic. Always the same competition, the people of Madrid fall against the Scots who dominate the match 2-0. Then turnaround: 3-0 in the return match. Playing in Spain is a curse for the clubs that beat Real in the first leg, you have to accept that.

10. The round of 16 first leg of the European Cup of Champions Clubs (1975/1976)

So here we are talking about the ancestor of the Champions League, the European Cup of Champions Clubs. Well since that time, Real liked the suspense, when they were beaten 4 goals to 1 against the English Derby County at home. Nice reaction from Real afterwards, which came back to their opponent 5-1. Nothing is impossible for the people of Madrid (please give your recipe to PSG).

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