Top 10 of the best insults in ch’ti

Back home, in Hauts-de-France, we have the most beautiful language in the world. But you, in the other regions, you spend your time making fun of our accent, because you are jealous. You know that accent is just a taste of real ch’ti patois and it makes you sad because you don’t understand it. But since we’re nice, we’ll teach you a few insults. You can reuse them to clash with your entourage with class.

1. Babache

If you are told that you are a slipper, it’s probably that you have a stupid head and that your brain is running a little slow. The type to have glassy eyes and a small trickle of drool running down the corner of the mouth. It’s the perfect word to classily insult anyone behind the wheel or on the street.

2. Close eud’ bouk’, tin nose there goes kère eud’dins

Translation : “shut your mouth, your nose will fall in. » It’s another good expression to designate someone who always looks a little surprised, his mouth half open, as if he has seen the virgin. A bit like your cousin to whom you managed to make believe that the Earth was flat. A real jerk that one.

Top 10 of the best insults in chti

3. Mouk’ à strand

Literally, “shit fly”. For all those stupid people who revolve around you, always talking a little too much and getting involved in what doesn’t concern them, especially your problems. Those people who like to stir shit, actually. We warned you that the ch’ti was the pinnacle of distinction.

4. A slap dint’ guiffe

Or its variant “You’re going to vir, you’re going to print on you guiffe! » Basically, that means you’re going to get a pie in the face if you don’t stop right away. If you use this cute expression during an altercation in a nightclub, you have a 9 out of 10 chance that your assailants will take to their heels. Word of ch’ti.

5. Marie Toutoule

A Marie Toutoule, it is a woman of bad life, badly dressed, a little dirty. It is in these moments that we see how poetic our patois is. Baudelaire can go get dressed. Otherwise, Marie Toutoule can also be used as an insult to gay guys, but we don’t endorse it, so we keep the first meaning.

6. Andoule

Come on, it’s not difficult, a andoule, it’s a… andouille. Except that we remove the “i” and that we accentuate the “ll”. Try it out loud, you’ll see that it’s pretty, and that it’s perfect for designating a jerk. Yes, there are still a lot of insults aimed at idiots. At the same time they are everywhere.

7. Shower

Eun’ shower, it’s a person who is a little soft in the knee and who doesn’t give a damn. Someone you can’t rely on to move from Maubeuge to Dunkirk on a Sunday morning because he spends his time lounging around. If you recognize yourself in this, it’s because you’re a comforter.

8. Noche

Another wonderful insult to talk about simple-minded people. Those who are slow-brained. The ones who were cradled a little too close to the wall, or ended up in cold piss. To all the nonoches who read these lines, we love you anyway.

9. Bursary

A bursary, it is once again an idiot, a moron. But saying “boubourse” to someone is rarely mean. That means it’s a little limited, but it’s endearing nonetheless. A good little insult to use during family meals.

Top 10 of the best insults in chti

10. If the tongue will be worn out, your bros will be brand new

Translation : “Your tongue will be worn out and your arms will still be brand new. » In other words, you talk a lot but you don’t do much. And there is the variant: “Grin diseu, little feseu”. Or the equivalent of the good old “Big mouth, small arms. » We are sure that you have many examples that come to mind.

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