Top 10 of the best excuses released by stars, they are afraid of nothing

Being a star is not super easy, everyone is there to watch our every move, ready to judge and point out our slightest weaknesses. That’s why celebrities have a small list of unstoppable excuses to get out of the worst situations and keep a good image with the public, although to be honest, it does not always work. We’ll give you some of these excuses, but use them sparingly, it’s a great power.

1. Winona Rider after stealing from a clothing store

The actress was nabbed by security at a Beverly Hills clothing store trying to get away with $5,000 worth of stolen clothes. When the police arrived, the actress said it was a misunderstanding since she was just borrowing clothes to try out for a role and was going to bring them back afterwards. Incredible.

Top 10 of the best excuses released by stars, they are afraid of nothing
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2. Charlie Sheen after breaking into a hotel room

While staying in a room at the prestigious Plazza Hotel with a porn star, security was forced to intervene because Charlie Sheen had smashed the room all over the place. How to get out of this situation? By simply stating “I had an allergic reaction to my medication”. Classic.

3. Nicole Ritchie getting arrested with drugs while driving

When the police had just stopped the star driving her vehicle with weed and painkillers (which she had also consumed before driving) Nicole simply replied that she had cramps because of her rules and suddenly it’s okay, it wasn’t too serious.

4. Eddie Murphy getting arrested at 5am with a prostitute in his car

Arrested by the police around five o’clock in the morning in his car with a prostitute, Eddie Murphy simply said “she seemed to have a problem and asked me to take her home, so I accepted “. This is obviously what happens every time a prostitute gets into a car.

5. Gérard Depardieu speaking of his support for Sarkozy

Returning to his support for Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, Gérard Depardieu, the unbearable actor on a set simply declared ” I was drunk“. Which after which he continued with “ I don’t regret anything, because when you’re drunk, you don’t know anymore and it’s great for that the cooked“. Clearly the best excuse.

6. Britney Spears after being caught driving with her child in her lap

When you get busted by the cops with a kid on your lap to teach him to drive there’s not much to say, in the sense that what you’re doing is completely illegal. But Britney had the right answer and the right reflexes since she declared “no, but it doesn’t matter, we did the same thing with my father when I was little. “Completely unassailable.

7. Deputy Thomas Thévenoud who did not pay his taxes

You may remember this incredible story when the deputy Thomas Thévenoud was singled out by the Canard enchaîné and Médiapart because he had not paid his taxes for several years and had not declared his income (he also did not pay the canteen of his daughters) and that this gentleman without trembling of the lip had answered “I have administrative phobia”. Incredible, magnificent, contemptuous. Everything is here.

8. Lauryn Hill after keeping her audience waiting for two hours at a concert

The facts took place in Atlanta when the artist arrived on stage more than two hours late and the public was extremely upset and did not hesitate to make him understand. Lauryn posted an apologetic message on social media after the show to say that she needed to “align her energy with the times”. Incomprehensible, suddenly it passes.

9. Pamela Anderson after a big delay for an interview

After making a BBC journalist waiting to interview her wait, Pamela Anderson arrived with a perfect excuse: “Sorry, my private jet was late”. The problem is that the principle of a private jet is that we are the only traveler in it, so if he is late it means that it is our fault.

10. Paris Hilton explaining why there was coke in her bag

Another star arrested at the wheel, another star with an unlikely excuse. When the police asked for her papers in Paris the agents found in her purse a packet of cash and a bag of cocaine, to which she replied: “It’s not mine but I think it’s chewing gums. What do you want to do, checkmate.

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