Top 10 of the best destinations for young parents, when you want to travel with baby

Many parents think that the arrival of a child necessarily rhymes with the end of the holidays. But that’s okay because he’s so cute. However, you can absolutely roam around with your brat. Almost everywhere. Especially there in fact, where everything has been planned in advance to receive you and your precious offspring with dignity…

1. Sani Beach (Greece)

The Chalkidiki peninsula ticks all the boxes: it’s breathtakingly beautiful, the sand is warm, the food is good, the people are friendly and the sea is gentle. Welcome to the paradise of young parents. A place where the fatigue accumulated during the sleepless nights spent trying to put the youngest back to sleep will evaporate. The luxurious hotels are also equipped with crèches and offer parents very competent nannies.

2. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Amsterdam has many faces. We know a few. The most festive in particular, but not necessarily the others, which concern the family and more generally the youngest. Magnificent, Amsterdam is therefore highly recommended for a relaxing holiday. On foot, by bike, it’s up to everyone to see, but one thing is certain: it’s hard not to succumb to the charm of the Venice of the North.

3. Ibiza (Spain)

Before becoming the meeting place for clubbers from all over the world, Ibiza was a very famous hippie retreat. A part of the island is still more or less reserved for Zen activities. We sit down, we do yoga while the children have fun, communing without even noticing it with Mother Nature, and we eat organic.

4. Sicily (Italy)

A popular destination for parents wishing to combine discovery and sunshine. In addition to offering the youngest an awakening to the fabulous history of Europe via many temples and various and varied sites, Sicily offers specialties that will undoubtedly educate young taste buds. And while not every interesting place is easily accessible to strollers, there is enough to keep boredom at bay for everyone in the family.

5. Paris (France)

Well yes Paris! The City of Lights ! Children are crazy about Paris. For parents, some corners can be less fun (try taking a stroller to Place du Tertre and we’ll talk about it later), but generally, the city adapts to the little ones and to more or less large families. And if the kids sulk, Mickey, who is a crèche just a few miles away, will probably be able to put a smile on their face.

6. Tenerife (Spain)

Return to Spain with Tenerife and its more than warm welcome for young parents and their child(ren). Sunshine, no rain and walks to do with the family, if you have provided a minimum of equipment to carry baby on your back, for example. Otherwise, no problem, many hotels will be happy to open the doors of their crèches to you and guarantee the safety of your offspring.

7. New York (USA)

We change the atmosphere to bite into the big apple with our teeth. A sprawling city that has long thought of everything for the little ones. You can carry around with a slew of kids just about anywhere. In sites like the Top Of The Rock, on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, on the Brooklyn Bridge… Everywhere! And since New York is now a safe city (well, don’t go walking with your 2-year-old in certain places in the middle of the night either), no worries!

8. Ko Olina, Oahu in Hawaii (USA)

This destination is reserved for parents who have deep pockets. In Hawaii, and more specifically in the new Disney hotel complex, everything is provided for parents and babies. Massages, practical workshops to, for example, help your son digest your battle, and all sorts of things that sometimes involve Disney characters, in a heavenly environment (you can also walk near volcanoes). One can hardly dream of a better first vacation as young parents. Not to mention that of course, if baby tires you too much, everything is planned there too.

9. London (England)

England is very “baby friendly”. After all, everything has been studied to receive little George with dignity if his prince of father and his princess of mother decide to disembark unexpectedly. So for lack of a prince, your child will do very well to test the accessibility of infrastructures, such as the Bridge Tower, and to check that you can drive very well in a stroller near Camden Town or Coven Garden.

10. Geneva (Switzerland)

A baby needs peace, good milk and clean air. A bit of chocolate and a watch that always tells the right time can’t hurt either. If you put in the goodwill (and a little money), the hotels will be able to provide you with all the services you are entitled to expect, you who have just sweat blood and water to bring this little wonder into the world. moment a bit thankless, which only cries, sleeps, eats and vomits.

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