Top 10 of the best cheese specialties in the world, the French are the best

Cheese is one of the best things in the world. There is no arguing on this point, it is an established fact. Cheese is found in the gastronomy of almost all countries, in greater or lesser quantities. In some countries, it holds the leading role and in others, it is scandalously under-exploited. But what are the best specialties in the world, all nations combined? What are the dishes that you absolutely have to have tasted when you are a self-proclaimed cheese fan? Attention, ultimate ranking! Spoiler: France holds the upper hand.

1. Aligot (France)

Mashed potatoes and cheese? That’s all ? Yes and no because aligot is more than just a specialty of Aubrac. It is an art. An almost indecent appeal to Epicureanism. A declaration of love for tome, the cheese used and here mixed with fresh cream, garlic and butter. When it is successful, the aligot spins and is a real challenge for all those who want to maintain a semblance of dignity at the table. A “made in France” delight!

2. Cheese soup (France)

There is no denying it: in the center of France, they know how to cook cheese. Originally from Cantal, which is also a succulent cheese, this super nourishing soup is made of bread (stale, it’s even better and faithful to the basic recipe), white wine, garlic, butter or even onions and of course plenty of grated cheese.

3. Savoyard fondue (France)

Inevitable ! And for good reason because we are still talking here about a dish of boiling melted cheese, decorated with white wine, in which we dip pieces of bread. It’s furiously good, it’s super fat, but who cares.

4. Tartiflette (France)

Potato gratin, bacon bits, onions and melted reblochon cheese. The person who invented such a thing would have deserved the Legion of Honor.

5. Raclette (Switzerland)

Super playful, raclette is the convivial dish par excellence and in case you haven’t noticed, we often talk about raclette at Topito, so we can say that we are super fan of raclette. Like the fondue, it unites gourmets who melt their cheese before pouring it over charcuterie or good big potatoes, while stuffing themselves with white or red wine. In the heart of winter, there is no denying it, it warms up!

6. Mac and cheese (USA)

In France also we taste the gratin of pasta. Nothing revolutionary there. Except in the USA where it is a staple and is prepared with a boundless love for fatty things like cheddar (which can be mixed with other cheeses) and butter. A dish that can be found almost everywhere as an accompaniment, especially meats. The kind you almost want to eat handfuls without bothering with cutlery, like big dirty ones.

7. The 4 cheese pizza (Italy)

Well, we put Italy but of course we find it everywhere, with different nuances over the cheeses. A little blue cheese here, Brie there, lots of Emmental, especially no meat, thin or thin crust, filled or not with cheese, and you get a certain idea of ​​culinary indecency.

8. The cheese burger (USA)

A great classic! Possibly the best burger in the world. Far from all the trendy stuff, with arugula, parmesan or whatever other hipster fancy, the cheese burger is a safe bet. He never disappoints. It is a refuge, an ally against the 6 p.m. crash and a strong friend in the face of the aftermath of the binge.

9. Poutine (Canada)

An emblematic specialty of Quebec that could be summarized as follows: fries, sauce and cheese. This last point is of course essential. Finding poutine in Quebec is as easy as eating a hot dog in New York or a chocolatine in Toulouse. Finding a good one is more difficult…

10. Cheesecake (USA)

A perfect dessert, made almost entirely of fresh cheese. In the USA, it is made with Philadelphia cream cheese and in Italy with ricotta. In both cases, it can be enhanced with a fruit coulis.

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