Top 10 objects that are better not to buy second-hand, a little advice like this

Buying second-hand is doing a small gesture for the planet that deserves a lot of love, poor thing. And then it also relieves the most bereaved wallets, and that, it’s zizir. Still, there are some never, never buy second-hand items, unless you feel like dying under strange and painful circumstances. I hardly abuse. So I’m kicked all that out of his cupboards illico presto. Otherwise I call Adopi, and I can tell you that you’re going to have a hard time, they’re not easy guys.

1. A bicycle or motorcycle helmet

But you are completely sick of playing with your safety like that???????? Are you crazy ??? You should always buy a new helmet because damage to a helmet is not always visible, but they are only made to absorb a single fall. So if you buy the helmet of someone who has already fallen with it, you risk not being totally safe, and therefore DIE or have a good head trauma, and that we don’t really want.

2. A mattress

Unless you want to make a solid friendship with bed bugs, moths and dust mites, beware of buying a second-hand mattress. Believe me, you don’t want to sleep in other people’s bodily fluids, bacteria, and mold either.

3. A baby car seat

Like helmets, infant seats are only made to absorb one shock. And since buying it used, you can’t know if the structure of the seat has been damaged or is too worn, you take a brand new seat.

4. Swimwear and underwear

Already for a question of hygiene, we strongly advise you not to buy swimsuits and underwear from other people because even by washing them, certain bacteria can remain. But there is also a risk that your bathing suit will tear easily due to changes in water pressure causing damage to clothing. So take your little paws instead and go buy yourself that beautiful striped jersey that you found hot in 3rd grade.

5. Kitchen accessories

As we told you in the mistakes not to make with your frying pans, you should never rub your frying pan with the scraping side of the sponge, otherwise you will be condemned to drink a glass of tuna juice every morning. So imagine if the seller you bought your gear from made this unforgivable mistake? The chemicals will seep into your stove and contaminate all your food, and make you sick. Come on, good app.

6. Tires

So yes, there are no small savings, we too are big pliers who want to save 50 cents a day. But here we are talking about your safety. Because used tires will either already be more filed than they should be, so they will adhere less and wear out even faster, or they will be completely smooth and therefore illegal, and in this case I would not have a other choice than to swing you gang of delinquents. And if it’s the tires of a crashed car, they can be unstable and endanger your safety. So we say no and we go to the nearest garage to get notched tires with big rims.

7. Perfume and makeup

You might have missed it but beauty products have an expiration date and it’s a safe bet that if the seller gets rid of them, it’s because they’ve expired. In addition, the quality of the products may decrease over time. You also risk coming across things that are not very hygienic but above all counterfeits (knowing that counterfeit perfumes can contain carcinogenic substances). So we avoid buying back from our little cousin her blusher palette won in CM2 at the school party.

8. Bottles

Buying old bottles can expose them to sterilization problems and cracks that will make the teats dangerous for the health of the baby. But don’t forget, most importantly, that old baby bottles contain bisphenol A, a chemical declared non-safety compliant by the US Food and Drug Administration in June 2012. So even your Winnie the Pooh baby bottle d childhood, we avoid.

9. Shoes

For reasons of hygiene, but above all comfort, you should avoid buying second-hand shoes (especially if they have had a long history). Indeed, by wearing them, its user will have shaped the shoes to his foot, which is therefore not yours. In addition to being embarrassed, you also risk hurting yourself by unintentionally trying to adapt your foot to the shoe. Afterwards, well, if they have been worn two or three times, that’s fine, we won’t hold it against you. But beyond that, be careful.

10. An electronic device

Here too, you have to be mega giga ultra vigilant when buying cameras, video cameras, laptops, TVs… They may have fallen, been watered, or even have already undergone a repair and you will have no way to check it. In addition, many electronic devices are poorly maintained and will therefore cause more problems than anything else, especially since we will not have a guarantee for these devices. So yes, even if you lose them every two months or have a loyalty card at a screen repairer, buy new devices or turn to refurbished ones.

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