Top 10 nonsense stuff that created big big traffic jams, it’s a shame

The cause and effect relationship on an event is clearly not always measurable. Sometimes the reactions seem disproportionate to the origin of the problem and we end up with an avalanche of repercussions that we would not have foreseen. The principle of traffic jams is a bit like that, since for various causes that are sometimes quite minor, we end up with the equivalent of the traffic of an entire city blocked for an indefinite period. Let’s take a look at some examples of events that have caused very huge traffic jams for sometimes quite silly reasons.

1. The freighter stranded in the Suez Canal

It was the big news of March 2021, that of a huge cargo ship which had literally blocked the Suez Canal after being deflected by the wind. If the trick might seem minor, it was global trade that had taken a hit since the Suez Canal is one of the most important trade routes on our planet. After just a few days of traffic jams, we had already seen fuel price increases in some countries. Because the concern was not so much what was on the famous boat, it was also all the others who were stuck behind it. It created quite a mess.

Top 10 nonsense stuff that created big big traffic jams, it's a shame

2. Eyjafjallajökull eruption and air traffic

In 2010, the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted and the ash released by it literally paralyzed European air traffic. If we cannot speak of a traffic jam in the proper sense, the idea of ​​seeing so many planes grounded at the time was quite similar to the phenomenon. 104,000 flights were canceled in one week for a loss of around 50 million euros. And as a misfortune never comes alone, it gave a film with Dany Boon. Nah really it was shit as an eruption.

3. The opening of a donut shop in Edinburgh

When donut franchise ‘Krispy kreme’ opened its first store in Scotland in 2013, we had no idea what an impact it would have. People then stayed for hours in their car to get a box of donuts and the police were forced to intervene to clear the access to the highway for people who simply wanted to go home. The store still recorded nearly €70,000 in sales on its opening day and that’s just mind-blowing for fucking donuts.

Top 10 nonsense stuff that created big big traffic jams, it's a shame

4. Free donuts in Los Angeles

We remain completely in the same theme since the same chain “Krispy kreme” has given the cover in 2020 in Los Angeles. A one-day offer caused miles of traffic jams as all graduates were entitled to free donuts. In a city as big as Los Angeles, you can imagine that a lot of people then decided to come and get their precious gift and inevitably it screwed up and the police intervened to close the drive. Yeah it’s nonsense.

Top 10 nonsense stuff that created big big traffic jams, it's a shame

5. Jimi Hendrix’s visit to Woodstock

By far the best reason for this top to cause a traffic jam. In 1969, Hendrix played at the famous Woodstock festival and the name alone caused the attendance of nearly 500,000 people when 50,000 were expected. Do you see the mess coming? Three days of traffic jams spanning more than 20 miles, blocking much of New York State during that time. People literally abandoned their cars on the road to continue on foot, which clearly did not help to resolve the situation and several artists were forced to arrive by helicopter to perform their show at the festival. In the end, Woodstock sucked.

6. Spilled honey on the road

In Indiana, a tractor-trailer carrying almost 20 tons of honey overturned in 2019, causing a good flood of honey on the roadway. Well on top of that the gas tank of the truck had also spilled so a big big mess had literally taken place at that time. Nearly five hours of immobilization for many vehicles time to clean the road but as much to tell you that the tires must have been very sticky after all that.

Top 10 nonsense stuff that created big big traffic jams, it's a shame

7. The announcement of a typhoon in Japan

What is probably still to this day the biggest traffic jam in Japanese history took place in 1990 between Shiga and Hyogo shortly after the announcement of a potential typhoon. Coupled with a local festival that had already attracted a lot of people, a strong wind of panic caused a huge mess on Japanese roads. Around 135 kilometers of traffic jams (it’s a lot) for people who got stuck until the next afternoon. In short, not at all the right way to take shelter in view of such a violent weather event.

Top 10 nonsense stuff that created big big traffic jams, it's a shame

8. Snowfall around Moscow

A mix of several events caused one of the biggest traffic jams in Russia in 2012. Basically a few snowfalls and unusually heavy traffic created a 193 kilometer jam that lasted three days. It seems particularly insane for a country accustomed to snowfall, some motorists had said they had traveled less than a kilometer in 24 hours. One kilometer in 24 hours is a lot of work on a kitchen chair, hopping around to give you an idea. So it’s huge.

Top 10 nonsense stuff that created big big traffic jams, it's a shame

9. Barack Obama who plays Baseball

Yeah, the title of this point is completely stupid but hey, free donuts can cripple a town so why not? Basically Obama, still president at that time, had stopped completely unexpectedly to go and exchange a few balls with the Washington junior baseball team. The problem is that it was already rush hour in a part of the city where a large number of motorists pass. Traffic was brought to a complete halt until the gentleman finished his game and declared “it’s a great day for baseball”. Yes because when you are president of the United States you are a bit egocentric.

Top 10 nonsense stuff that created big big traffic jams, it's a shame

10. The reopening of McDonald’s after confinement

You may remember this post-first confinement event during which kilometers of traffic jams were created in Seine et Marne after the reopening of a McDonald’s restaurant. People then spent three hours in their cars before being able to place an order, which is still quite incredible. Ah the famous world after…

Top 10 nonsense stuff that created big big traffic jams, it's a shame

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