Top 10 myths created by companies that we ended up believing

While companies don’t shy away from outright lying to sell their products, there are also many more universal myths nurtured by the fabulous corporate world that continue to stick with us. We decipher all this with a portrait of Elise Lucet above our head.

1. The concept of “detox”

I start by throwing a stone into the pool of your credulity: detox does not exist. It doesn’t make any scientific sense. The term refers to the medical detoxification that one undergoes in the event of food poisoning. Suffice to say that when you take a green vitamin juice branded “Detox” it does not mean that you will avoid food poisoning, nor that this juice will save you from a hangover and 17 liters of beer that you drank the day before.

Top 10 myths created by companies that we ended up

2. Consumers are responsible for waste generation and sorting

Ah waste sorting. Inexhaustible subject of tension. Like the egg or the chicken of which one never knows which arrived first, who then should be declared guilty of the waste between the producers of goods and those who buy them?

We quickly accuse the latter of not being enough “consum’actors” (with all the ridicule that these new pseudo-militant two-ball expressions give off) by not favoring bulk products enough and then by not sorting their waste pretty well. But in reality it is at the company level that the problem must be solved at the very top of the production chain. I’m not telling you not to sort your waste, but let’s just stop thinking it’s enough.

3. The taboo on the salaries of employees maintained by the bosses

We are often ashamed to talk about our salary in general but also between employees. Why ? Where does this discomfort come from? From the employers, my little friends. Employers have everything to gain if employees do not talk about the money they earn because it is the best way to prevent them from asking for more. So in the future, do me a favor and tell everyone how much you earn.

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4. The concept of green energy

Not long ago I spoke to you about the most bullshit concepts of ecology, green energy (or “clean” energy, it depends) is obviously one of them. With this kind of concept we are sold planes and cars that would be devoid of carbon footprint, which is a big joke. So when you are bought with these kinds of terms, there is a mytho eel under the rock of marketing.

5. Sugar is not bad for your health

Just like cigarettes, lobbies have long tried to make us believe that sugar has no effect on our health (unlike fat boo the ugly fat). Well I think that today you are aware that we did not care about our little face but here is another myth that historically led us by the nose of the candy.

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6. You have to smell “good” from the teuch

AND YEAH. I warned you, in this top we rock a lot. So let’s take this opportunity to deconstruct this terrible myth that made us buy so-called “hygienic” products to smell good in the lower abdomen or to “clean” our private parts when it all works very well on its own and is self-contained. – cleans without any chemicals needing to stick their nose in.

7. Organic is necessarily good for your health

Organic is good. I do not disagree. Organic labels respect a set of charters that promote more reasoned, more humane and above all pesticide-free production. For many products, organic will be better for your health, there is no doubt: meat, fruits and vegetables, for example, deserve to be bought organic. But organic has now invaded all food products at the risk of implying that because they are organic they are necessarily good for health: crisps, cakes or ice cream for example. That doesn’t mean that these products aren’t from a more virtuous system, but it won’t necessarily be better for your health. The proof, there are even organic cigarettes, but until proven otherwise, they do not cause organic cancer.

8. You have to eat a big breakfast in the morning

The cereal, dairy and fruit juice lobbies have struck again. I’m going to teach you a nice one: it’s not written anywhere that you have to eat 8 kg of food in the morning if you’re not hungry.

Top 10 myths created by companies that we ended up

9. Put toothpaste on your toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is good. Brushing your teeth with toothpaste is more to look pretty and yet no one would be able to do without it today. Imagine that toothpaste only serves to provide fluoride which helps to fight more against cavities, but in itself it is above all the brushing of teeth that does the job, not the toothpaste. Good after that gives a breath not too dirty but since we destroy everything with a coffee 3 min after washing it is keud.

10. Tampons are better than sanitary napkins.

This is perhaps less the case today because we use more alternative sanitary protection, but during my distant youth we tended to pass ourselves off as boloss when we put on sanitary napkins rather than tampons. The tampon was thus marketed as a product for free, mature and professional women (and more virgin, that without saying) while the sanitary napkins were reserved for maidens and old incontinent women. Pff all this so that we all end up adopting menstruation panties, it’s still very stupid.

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