Top 10 myths about food that are wrong, bullshit guys

In the kitchen, we tend to believe everything we are told, especially the words of grandmothers who are treated as the Gospel and passed down from generation to generation. Except that in fact we believe a lot of false things, and since we are at Topito of the Knights of Truth, we decided to unbolt all that just for you. To your aprons.

1. The stronger the coffee, the more it wakes you up

There are coffee lovers, who are looking for pleasant aromas on the palate. And then there are the coffee addicts, those who want their fix, the one that will keep their eyes open during the first class or the first meeting in the morning. These guys want a little tight, a double espresso with an extra shot of caffeine, very bitter. Except that they are mistaken, to have a maximum of caffeine, it is better to take an elongated one which contains much more than a small tight one. So if you want to wake up, think more of a bowl than a mini-cup.

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2. Vitamin C prevents sleep

Anyone who told you never to drink orange juice at night because you weren’t going to sleep was wrong. Go ahead, treat yourself, no study has ever succeeded in proving that vitamin C disturbs sleep. Don’t hesitate, bite into the orange.

3. The microwave kills vitamins

The microwave is used to reheat bolo pasta from last night. At the limit to heat the milk for the hot chocolate. But never a real cook will use it to prepare a good little dish. (Well, unless he’s read this superb top.) Add to that that the microwave kills all the vitamins and then it’s surely carcinogenic, no really, we don’t like it. Except the microwave doesn’t kill vitamins and other nutrients any more than any other cooking method. What destroys these vitamins is heat. Something your microwave usually shares with your oven or gas burner.

4. Carrots make your bottom pink

There we don’t really know what to tell you, just that it’s totally false. And it won’t make you polite either. Well it’s true that beta-carotene can color the skin as a whole, a little orange but not pink and not just your little ass… Too bad that would have been rather fun.

Top 10 myths about food that are wrong bullshit guys

5. You have to sear the meat so that it retains its juices

Everyone has their favorite method of preventing their steak from taking on the consistency of old sole and the taste of a piece of cardboard and in general it starts with the basic advice: sear the meat over high heat so that it develops a crust that will allow the good meat juice to stay locked inside. Except that it is false: what matters most is the time and the cooking method. The longer the cooking time, the greater the risk of the meat drying out.

6. Soup makes you grow taller

Normally past 12 years we no longer believe too much but the legend is tenacious. No, soup doesn’t make you grow bigger than steak. Afterwards, it’s true that to be healthy and develop well, a child must have a balanced diet, so soup must be part of his diet, but that’s all. We apologize for all those who thought they were over 1m60 while eating soup.

7. Wait until the steak is at room temperature before cooking

Surely you know some guys who told you that moving the steak directly from the fridge to the pan is forbidden and that it has to sit on your counter for at least 20 minutes for it to come to room temperature and LA, YES, you can bake it. Still false. You can leave your steak out for an hour, its heart will stay as cold as Cersei Lannister’s. The outside will warm up but by the time the inside reaches room temperature the bacteria will have had time to settle in and you may be pissed off. Literally.

8. Fish makes you smart

Fish is said to make you smart because it contains phosphorus, which helps brain function. So as far as phosphorus in fish is concerned, it’s true, but that this stuff improves your memory is completely false. Besides, we all know fat morons who eat sushi every lunchtime, and that has never helped them. Sorry to all fishes.

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9. Alcohol is warming

When we get lost in the Alps and the Saint Bernards come to save us, they have a small barrel around their necks and we can assure you that it’s not apple juice inside. Why ? Because alcohol (especially when it’s strong) is supposed to keep us warm until help arrives. But again, that’s wrong. Alcohol even lowers our body temperature, which is a bit counterproductive, motherfucker St. Bernard. feels it. The more you drink, the more numb you are, and the more dangerous it is.

10. You must not break the spaghetti / You must not cut the salad

In fact you do what you want. You have to be really crazy to want to start managing what people are doing on their plate.

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