Top 10 mythical confusions of the Marseillais, bobobobo the bebew problems

Whether you’re fada, tired or an embucaneur, if you know what I’m talking about, it’s certainly that you’re a fan of the Marseillais, the best reality TV in the area. So yes, like that, it seems that all the seasons of the Marseillais are the same, but nay my brothers, in truth, each season has its clashes and not the least. In case you forgot these little nuggets, here are the mythical confusions of our fav southerners, it will shake dad.

1. Alix with Benjamin and Océane in the Caribbean

One of the biggest skirmishes of recent years. During the Les Marseillais aux Caraïbes season, Benji “mistakes” (as we say in the country) with Océane by kissing her, while he is in a relationship with Alix, mazette. Obviously, Alix joins the charming and spruce Marseillais to surprise her mate. And what was her surprise when she discovered that her little friend Benji had tickled Océane’s tonsils during her absence. An incredible argument ensues based on a log of problems and confusion with half of the house. What show.

2. Manon and Julien in South America

While she is all in love and comes to join her supposed boyfriend Julien in South Africa, poor Manon also learns when she arrives that Julien has cheated on her with Liam, but also with Montaine, yes, never one without two. A little annoyed (and that’s quite understandable), Manon climbs the towers (not literally, in real life she was still in South America) and attacks Liam who dives into the trap with both feet together. We will long remember the “Go put on panties”.

3. Julia and Julie in Cancun

Take out your tissues, we’re going to talk about old leases that will make you very nostalgic. Because Les Marseillais did not start with Greg, Carla, Maeva and company. Remember Julie and Julia, the two girlfriends who had met in Miami and who, when they arrived in Cancun, could no longer eat each other. Well it gave rise to one of the most magical clashes in the history of reality TV. It all starts with a (bad) joke from Julie who wants to surprise Julia singing in the shower. But the situation degenerates and the two girls mutually throw their belongings into the swimming pool one floor below. An incredible moment.

4. Adixia and Paga

Another story of deception you will tell me? Yes, but what would Les Marseillais be without these dark leases of couples? History therefore repeats itself with Adixia and Paga, in a relationship for several years and married in Thailand. While Adixia quietly comes to visit him in South America, Paga tells him that he has been in a relationship with Manon for a few days. Like her boyfriend Julien with Liam, well, that’s funny. A beautiful argument ensued, worthy of the greatest tragedies of this century.

5. Carla and Jessica in The Rest of the World

While the two friends find themselves in the south of France for a new competition with the RDM, Jessica and Carla get in the mouth for a story of New Year 2019 that would have gone wrong. Nothing that insults and balances horrors. A dispute which marks the decline of the cohesion of the Marseillais, it brought us a little to tears, we must admit.

6. Maeva and Greg everywhere all the time

Overall, there is not an argument between Maeva and Greg more impressive than the others because they are all quite rotten: “You kissed another girl so I kissed a guy”, “Yes but you had slept with a guy, so I had the right”, “Yes but it’s because you told me that you loved me more”, “Yes, but it’s because you called me merguez” , “Yes but it’s because you’re only crying”, etc etc. I let you enjoy this wonderful argument that starts from a jealous Maeva of Laura, Greg’s new cop. The icing on the milkshake.

7. Carla and Rawell in Les Marseillais South Africa

If you want to witness a love story, don’t watch what follows because it’s quite the opposite and it risks making you lose faith in any relationship (nope, I’m not exaggerating at all). If you followed the South Africa season, you know that Carla and Rawell are not (at all) the best friends in the world because Rawell, who has a bit of a pick on Kevin, was quite jealous of little Carla, the ex from Kevin. All pretexts are therefore good to get into him as shown by the argument between the two in the bedroom. Mix in shouts, throw pillows and a dollop of threats and you have a clash worthy of the name. And if you, of course, supported Carla against all odds in this story, it’s because you’re a real fan of the Marseillais, congratulations.

8. Emmanuelle and Stéphanie with Antonin in the Marseillais in Thailand

Go admit, you were in lack of stories of deception? Fortunately, I’m here to water you with gossip, and in particular to tell you the story of Antonin who, forced by his ex Stéphanie, had to admit in Les Marseillais en Thailand, in front of the whole table, that he had cheated on his girl Emmanuelle with Stephanie herself. The clash would not be so mythical if Manue had not thrown herself on Antonin to smash him well, to the point of screwing up his T-shirt. Ok, I too was scared at that moment, I confess. Sacred moment.

9. Jessica and Julien in South America

Another mess that starts from a little joke. Do the Marseillais have no sense of the second degree? Everything starts with Jessica who wants to make a call to Niko, her boyfriend at the time. Drunk by “the misery she puts on him” since the beginning of the adventure, her ex Julien decides to prank her by affirming in front of Niko that she does not love him and that she cheated on him with Xavier. As you can imagine, Jessica did not like these insinuations at all and a memorable clash between the two friends followed.

10. The guy at Milla in The Rest of the World

Once is not custom, this dispute mainly concerns secondary members of the Marseillais, since Milla and Mujdat are part of the RDM (well especially Milla since at the time, Mujdat was a businessman in the construction industry). During the 2019 season, Milla had the good idea to date Nacca, from Marseille, when she was in a relationship with Mujdat outside the show. So obviously, it was not madness when Mujdat showed up, hence the cry of surprise “There’s the guy at Milla” launched by Julien Tanti throughout the barracks. The whole world talked about it (at least) so I hope you remember it well.

Downgraded trouble my spoiled.

PS: I certainly forgot some masterful confusions, because it must be said that there is a slew of them, so if you see an essential one that is missing, tell it to me that I remember these good times.

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