Top 10 mysterious objects that no one knows the use of

There are plenty of people who have already found a treasure while tidying up their attic or cellar, we see them on Jérôme Anthony’s show or in local newspaper articles. We would like that to happen to us but unfortunately, we just find improbable objects and we are unable to guess what it is. Fortunately, the kind users of Reddit are there to help the people in distress by investigating these unusual objects.

1. A funny black box

Someone found a weird electronic box in their house and couldn’t figure out what it was for. Reddit users did some research and one of them discovered that this box was used for paranormal experiments: it’s a presence detector to chase away ghosts.

2. A mini silver spoon

A spoon without a handle seems pretty useless, but it’s actually a teaspoon. It was not used to stir but to take tea from the tea box to put it in the teapot. These spoons were used from the end of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century.

3. Ivory sticks

Finding this box, the person suspected it was a game but thought it came from China. In fact, it’s quite simply a game of Mikado (also called “jeux de jonchets” in France) but it is difficult to know its origin without calling on experts because this game was very popular in several countries. From the symbols, it is possible that this version of the game comes from Germany where this game is called “Spillikins”.

4. A black metal cone near the door

We don’t know enough about architecture and history to say when this object dates from, but at least we know what it is: it’s like a candle snuffer but for torches. When someone came home, I imagine they had to turn off their torch at the entrance, convenient.

5. Pieces of wood protruding from a cabinet

In a 1950s house, there are these boards sticking out of the bedroom closet. In fact, it’s probably to be able to install a secretary (storage furniture that also serves as an office).

6. A big golden needle

Seeing this object, one suspects that it is a needle but difficult to know what it could be used for. Apparently these needles were used to thread ribbons or lace up corsets.

7. Shredded pieces of plastic

Someone found a large amount of shredded plastic pieces at the bottom of a garden, they weren’t buried but looked like they had been there for a while. In fact, they are “Saturn missiles”, a category of firecracker / fireworks.

8. A piece of colored plastic

From its colors and shape, one might think that this plastic object is part of a toy, but in fact, not at all. It is a mechanism found in furniture and used to open drawers, they are often made of metal and much smaller than this model.

9. Pieces of wood and plastic surrounded by metal

If I found this at home, I wouldn’t even wonder what it is and I would throw it straight in the trash, but apparently some people are more curious than others. For those interested, these are rods used in a shutter mechanism or retractable blinds.

10. A patterned hollow piece of wood

We suspect when we see this object that it can be used as a mold for the kitchen, but what could we mold in there? Some Reddit investigators thought that it could be a mold to make small portions of butter but after research, it turns out that it looks more like molds for making moon cakes, Chinese pastries with patterns.

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