Top 10 music videos that were outrageous when you think about it

The clip, or video clip for the bgs, is a great medium for creating works of art and letting one’s creativity as a director flourish. There are clips with elaborate scenarios, cult clips, controversial clips, basically everything shows us that the clip is an art vector as important as movies, literature or macramé. But we could have done without some of them who were still really abused and a bit creepy.

1. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke

Barely objectified girls and a libidinous guy, all on shitty sexist lyrics, it’s all the same very scandalous, and yet the clip of Blurred Lines aired billions of times on TV for a year or two. Emily Ratajkowski, who we discovered at the time, also recently revealed that Thicke had grabbed her breasts without her consent during the filming of the clip. Like what, whether in front of or behind the camera, nothing was going.

2. Cradle Of Love – Billy Idol

Well, let’s say it clearly, this is a clip where a young girl (who looks a little bit underage) comes to her neighbor’s house to get undressed and dance in front of him. It’s downright embarrassing and we are right in the middle of the cliché of the poor innocent little girl who suddenly becomes desirable because she dances in a lascivious way. The worst part is that we only realize today that it was a bit borderline.

3. Famous – Kanye West

Surely you remember this clip where Kanye and Kim K. sleep in a huge bed alongside naked wax models representing celebrities like Taylor Swift and Donald Trump. At the time it came out, it was slightly shocking, but not more than that. However, in addition to the filthy production, it’s still quite scandalous to show people naked without their consent, even if they are wax reproductions. It’s a bit like editing your head on a porn video. You wouldn’t be very happy.

4. Hello – Lionel Richie

The clip is Lionel Richie as a theater teacher who follows one of his students in the corridors in a very creepy way. She, who is twice his age, cannot see him because she is blind. It’s slightly creepy, but hey, she’s of age and actually seemed to like him too, so we’re not going to call the cops either. Still: we don’t follow people, it doesn’t happen ok?

5. Pretty Woman – Van Halen

This clip is very disturbing in its entirety, but what is really scandalous is this story of a girl attacked by two dwarfs. Besides, why always put dwarfs in music videos and movies when you want to create a weird atmosphere? This little “fairground” side is slightly abused.

6. Baby one more time – Britney Spears

Beyond the provocative side of Britney that we have come to know over the years, it’s just shameful to play first degree on the fantasy of the sexy schoolgirl. And, at the same time, it makes you realize something very creepy: if so many men fantasize about sexy schoolgirls, maybe society as a whole has a problem.

7. Lemon Incest – Serge Gainsbourg and Charlotte Gainsbourg

A father and his daughter stuck in a bed on lyrics that talk about incest, the guys thought they would broadcast it without problem.

8. It’s Chico Time – Chico

Not well known by us, here is the clip of Chico, a British singer who had participated in X Factor. And why is it disturbing? Well because he sings very sexual lyrics in the middle of kids who dance while smiling. As if it were completely normal.

9. Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne

Well, here we come to the scandalous / funny. The clip of Stacy’s Mom is the story of a kid who fantasizes about his friend’s mother, so inevitably we are showered with images of half-naked women and metaphors of ejaculation, but the strings are so big that it’s more funny than outrageous. Besides, a kid who fantasizes about an adult is better than the reverse.

10. If Tomorrow (Turn Around) – Bonnie Tyler and Kareen Antonn

But that’s just because it’s shockingly ugly. Both sound and image. That way there’s no jealousy.