Top 10 Movies That Went To Lawsuit, People Who Have Time To Lose

Cinema is an art, like literature, painting and the much-loved cushion sewing. But there are always people quick to throw their hatred on each work because it conveys a message that does not correspond to them or that they do not understand. Or just also sometimes simply because it’s big idiots. In any case the cinema does not escape these people who want us to listen to them and who have therefore squarely launched lawsuits against certain films, which I suggest you see right away. I’ll also offer you a martini, but we’re not really in the same room.

1. Frozen

You probably see what the movie is about Snow Queen, and if so, you’d be quite rightly tempted to laugh if you learned that someone had filed a complaint saying that the film was inspired by his life. This is the case of a woman who demanded $250 million from Disney saying the film was a plagiarism of her autobiography because it was about sisters, trauma and set in snowy mountains. There you go.

2. Straight Outta Compton

The film, which traces the creation and rise of the NWA group in Los Angeles, was poorly received by Jerry Heller, the group’s former manager. It must be said that the gentleman was not necessarily shown there as a nice person, so he launched a lawsuit to obtain 110 million dollars for damage to his image, but died of a heart attack some time later, so the lawsuit was dropped.


If you want to fall asleep one night counting stuff you can have fun counting the lawsuits the movie Borat provoked. Already the city in Kazakhstan in which the film begins has filed a complaint, the brotherhood of big racists and sexists has filed a complaint but also several people who appear in a “negative” way (so many) in the film have launched lawsuits.

4.Matrix 4

There are people who think that the failure of Matrix 4 at the box office happened because the film was released in the United States simultaneously in theaters and on the HBO Max streaming platform, but in fact it’s just because it was kind of crap. However, the production company Village Roadshow is still suing Warner to make a little money because of the lost money by estimating that the film would have had more admissions without being in streaming at the same time (which is not false ).

5. Up There

When the movie comes out up there on DVD, one edition featured a toy in the shape of Pixar’s famous mascot lamp. The problem is that this lamp is a real Luxo product from which Pixar was inspired. So far the lamp manufacturer was very happy to be associated with the studio, except that by starting to sell the replica as a derivative product, it was a bit of a mess. A lawsuit was launched but in the end the two companies managed to settle it amicably and everyone is happy, like really happy.


The auteur film with Ryan Gosling was accused of showing a false trailer, which is why a woman filed a complaint and asked the production to reimburse her ticket because she thought it was a movie like fast and furious. The cinema has also reimbursed the lady, which was the only request of her trial. Launching such a procedure for less than $20 really takes time to waste.


There were a number of people who filed complaints against the film. Avatar for plagiarism, already because a lot of people found big similarities with the movies Dancing with the wolves and Pocahontas but also because the scenario was simple and the film had brought in a lot of money. But the dumbest lawsuit about Avatar is that of someone who said that the film was copied from his book which he had started writing AFTER the beginning of the production of the film. Not very smart guy.

8. The Dark Knight

Why the mayor of a city in Turkey could have launched a lawsuit against the film The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan? Because the city in question is called Batman. Yeah. He had to find that the name Batman should remain associated with his city and not with a character from comics and cinema, but in the end the complaint came to nothing.

9. Very bad trip 2

You’d be tempted to guess why this comedy got sued, but quite frankly you couldn’t. In reality it is the tattoo that is the character of Stew who is the same as Mike Tyson and the tattoo artist decided to try to make money. The movie was edited after its release to change the design of the tattoo but you knew all that if you read our top on movie scenes shot without permission.

10. 2001 a space odyssey

Small departure from the rule because here we are not talking about a lawsuit against the film itself but rather a lawsuit during which the film was cited, and this is the Apple lawsuit against Samsung. This was when Apple sued Samsung because it believed the Galaxy tablets were plagiarized from the iPads. Samsung presented during the trial a passage from Kubrick’s film in which we see a touch pad saying “if we stole the idea from Apple then we can also say that Apple stole it from this film”. Nice gamble.

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