Top 10 Movies That Switch Genres Right In The Middle, Two Movies For The Price Of One

Things are not always what they seem: the other day I was quietly eating a chicken sandwich and halfway through I realized that the chicken was actually pieces of mozzarella. expired. The surprise, especially when I was in the bathroom a few minutes later. This kind of crap can also happen when you watch a movie quietly and you notice halfway through it that it completely changes style, which can also be a very good surprise as in the following examples .

1. A Night in Hell

It starts as a gangster movie like only Tarantino and Rodriguez can make and then all of a sudden it changes COMPLETELY GENRE. We arrive in a comedy/gore vampire movie where the characters try to survive an entire night (hence the name of the movie actually) and it’s absolutely brilliant.

2. The Strangers

So already if you haven’t seen this movie I advise you to stop reading this point and watch it, because it’s a marvel of the genre and spoiling you would be a nice bullshit, worse than getting a divorce while you are still in love.

A police investigation into a series of murders in a lost village that leaves the cops in deep shit and the villagers who begin to believe in an evil presence. And then all of a sudden, it goes from the traditional detective thriller to the horrific and fantastic film without warning and everything is mastered with a master’s hand.


A team of astronauts go on a mission to detonate a bomb in the sun and “relaunch” it, so it starts off as a pretty cool sci-fi movie. Arriving in the ghost ship of a previous team we understand that they are all dead, and we can quite logically say that there is an alien bastard on board. But no.

And that’s where sunshine is great, the crew is chased by one of the survivors of the previous ship who has completely twisted and is trying to kill them one by one, it’s going to be a big thriller in space just “between humans” and it’s fun .

4. Bone Tomahawk

What starts off as a fairly traditional western following a cast of cliched characters quickly turns into a thriller genre after several people disappear. But there, suddenly it goes on a big horrific hunt against a band of cannibals who are very very hungry and take no prisoners. A great surprise.

5. Mother!

Well, it’s already a super weird movie, but at first it starts out more like a basic drama about a woman who is bored at home while her husband is increasingly busy with his work. She tries to maintain her home as her life falls apart and then… well, anything goes, providing one of the most stressful and disturbing movie scenes in cinema. It’s not really horror, but it’s almost horror. It’s super weird but it’s well done.

6. Hearing

What a film, perhaps one of Takashi Miike’s best: we basically follow a widower who wants to find a new wife and who gives “auditions” to his new suitors (class the guy) until in find one he likes and start dating her. It goes off like a rather classic romantic comedy after all and then without warning… It goes into an absolutely unexpected genre that I’m careful not to spoil you.

7. Cabin in the Woods

It has been ranked among the best horror films of all time because it is “amazing”. At first it’s really a classic slasher with a bunch of naive young people who go on a weekend in the woods and find themselves trapped in their little cabin (like all stupid slasher heroes). The thing is that it goes completely nuts and becomes a horror comedy that destroys the clichĂ©s of the genre for our greatest pleasure.

8. Miracle Mile

The “twist” of Miracle Mile happens pretty early in the movie, but it’s so unexpected that it’s amazing to everyone. It starts out as a very classic romantic comedy that might bore many of us by showing us a man and a woman starting to date and like each other. As for Hearing I don’t want to spoil the thing for you, but frankly it’s not at all what you expect from the film and I advise you not to even watch the trailer before watching it.

9. The Babysitter

Small teen movie of a kid who is in big crush on his babysitter and who is especially a little old to still have to be looked after which starts as a basic comedy and quickly turns into horror. Finally horror, it remains very comical throughout and it was rather original as an idea at the base so we recommend it to you a little.


Not only Hancock Gently transitions from a somewhat quirky superhero movie to a biblical story with forgotten angels, but mostly it gets totally shitty in its second half. Too bad it started pretty well and it became very disappointing all of a sudden.

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