Top 10 Movies That Started Well But Ended Badly

I went through all of your answers and 97% of the time I disagree with you. But honesty & integrity & freedom of the press oblige, I have taken here most of the films that you consider correct until a very rotten end comes to hinder the quality of your viewing.

2. Gravity

Well, I was against this argument. This movie is flawless all the way. But here it is… it seems that in the community of people (I can’t get enough of this community), the end is unanimously rejected on the pretext that we are stretched out in the thong throughout the film and that we end up with a happy ending all moldy. Yeah well tell it to Sandra Bullock in panties if you dare.

3. The platform

Film event recently released on Netflix, the whole world (yes, yes, at least that) began to debate on the explanations on The Platform. When in fact there was no need to take the cabbage: the end is zero, period.

4. Downsizing

For this film I find that you misplaced the cursor. The first 20 minutes of the movie are cool. The rest is to be thrown in the trash. I would even say that the trailer was enough but in fact we don’t care very quickly to see shrunken people making their life quiet. I still prefer to see Honey I shrunk the kids.

Top 10 Movies That Started Well But Ended Badly

5. Signs

WOOOKAYYYY super in fact the aliens we can kill them with drops of water? Well great, it was well worth banging a whole movie to find out.

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6. Interstellar

Be careful, when I talk about this film I am not criticizing the crazy resolution of the end which for my part I find crazy crazy (ed., I don’t have a blog of film critics so my library of argumentative vocabulary is really limited) . On the other hand, this crappy epilogue with a tube satellite where the most disgusting American model of life is reconstituted as a post-Earth ideal, I feel like saying it’s a no-go.

7. 2012

Some would say that the whole movie sucks but I think that’s a bit wrong. Already because, as in all Roland Emmerich films, there is a dog rescue scene, but above all because it is a good disaster film with its share of explosions, tsunamis and earthquakes, there has something to enjoy. On the other hand, the end with the rescue arches is really a joke.

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8.Jurassic World 2

WARNING, I want to warn you: I am a fan of Jurassic Park (and am part of this strange circle of people to whom we only give dinosaur gifts, and all the Jurassic Park gadgets are enthroned in my living room). But frankly the first part of Jurassic World was already not obvious so this one is simply unbearable. This silly ending with this pseudo-clone child who frees all the dinos in the wild because nature is always stronger than anything when she herself is the product of genetic manipulation, it’s totally stupid.

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9. 10 Cloverfield Lane

On this point, I found you a little hard in business. We can’t say that the end of the film is that bad. Only point of agreement with you: when she improvises a molotov cocktail in the car suspended in the air and she manages to throw it into the mouth of the wolf.

I was going to say “sorry for the spoiler” but I think that even when you haven’t seen the movie, this information has no form of clarity to toast the story.

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10. 2001 a space odyssey

EUHLOLOOOOOOOOO the end keuman is priiiiiise of the head. Andiré Stanlé Kurbick he smoked the carpet my faith or koi!!!!!

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