Top 10 Movies That Self-Spoil In The Script, Squint Naive Young Eyes Well

Be careful, as the title of this top announces, it will contain a list of spoilers, each more powerful than the other, so if you are afraid to learn the real truth, to come out of the shadows, in short, to be spoiled 10 films, go your way. Even if overall, we do not spoil the last season of Game Of Thrones and that I would still be bothered for you if you hadn’t seen any of these films.

1. Prestige

If you remember correctly, the film tells the story of two rival magicians (Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman) who double their ingenuity to pull off their tricks. Except that there is one who was more advantaged than the other. Yes, the character of Christian Bale actually has a twin brother, giga practical to do like we teleport. But if we had been a little attentive, at the beginning of the film when the character of Hugh Jackman reads the diary of his rival, this one writes black on white “we were two men dedicated to an illusion”. It was still not difficult to understand!

2. Jaws

We are of course talking about the first opus, the only worthwhile one. While the heroes go hunting for the great white shark, we know that the shark ends up being killed thanks to a bottle of compressed air which explodes in his face. But HEY, if we listen carefully when the zigotos get on the boat, the character Quint signals at the sight of the bottles of compressed air with this announcing reply: “I don’t know what that bastard shark is going to do with them, eat them I suppose “.

3. Casino Royale

James Bond betrayed by the only woman he’s ever loved? No but WHAT? Well yes, this Vesper yet so beautiful and so sweet will turn out to be a bastard without race. And if we had opened our eyes better from the credits, we could have expected it. She is represented there through a Queen of hearts card (symbolizing love, kisses and a pipe) but also a Queen of spades (symbolizing lies, putassery and crappy farts).

4.Shutter Island

We remember well that in this film by Scorsese, DiCaprio plays an investigator accompanied by his substitute (Mark Ruffalo) except that in fact we capture at the end that he is mainly a patient in a psychiatric hospital and that his substitute is his doctor. In short, all this is just a vast delirium of staging, certain clues of which were scattered from the start, in particular the fact that the character played by Mark Ruffalo, supposed to be an investigator, has trouble drawing his weapon when arriving on the island. YOU ARE GRILLED MAN.

5. Usual Suspects

OK so there we hang on because the spoiler, although existing, is a bit far-fetched. I also unearthed it on this site from which I do not wish to steal the exclusive info. Are you ready ? Come on, shoo. The villain’s name is Kaiser Söze. Kevin Spacey is called Verbal Kint. We know of course that the one who seemed to be the good guy is in fact the bad guy. So Kaiser Söze = Verbal Kint. However, in Turkish, “Sözel” means verbal, “kaiser” means “emperor” in German and finally “kint” is quite close to “king”. In short, we would therefore have two names of characters, a short analysis of which shows that ultimately they are the same. You follow ?

6. Iron Man

This might be one of the best spoilers. At the very beginning, Stark gets captured by terrorists in Afghanistan. In a ransom video, the terrorists address the camera in Urdu. As many people speak this language on earth, they did not savor the scene in the same way. Indeed, the terrorists swing in their language all the history of film in particular that the villain, it is Jeff Bridges! ET BIM, a point won for Urdu speakers.

7. Back to the Future

A cult spoiler for fans of the trilogy. In the first episode, we know that Doc will end up hanging from a clock simply because a photo in the credits shows him already hanging from a clock, so we have clear proof that he will survive in the future. since he did not die in the past. Anyway, I’ve never interfered with this timeline thing anyway.

8.Shaun of the Dead

The entire first scene is a spoiler from the movie. While the two friends are drinking beers and detailing their day, each step will correspond to a scene from the zombie invasion. They first talk about drinking a “Bloody Mary” (the first zombie to attack them is called Mary), then having a bite to eat at the “King’s Head” (after Mary they go to Shaun’s mother’s house where his stepfather is bitten in the head), then meet at The Little Princess (in English the character says “couple at The Little Princess” but they go just then to a couple that Shaun is going to save and who have a little girl “ Princess”). There, all is said.

9. The Thing

One more way Iron Man (even if in this case it is Iron Man who certainly pumped this idea here), at the beginning of the film we see a stray dog ​​chased by a Norwegian in the middle of Antarctica, the dog enters a station where the researchers are shocked to see this man go after the dog. Only Norwegians will be able to understand by listening, that the man who reveals in his language all the plot of the film.

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