Top 10 movies that say exactly the same thing, but we didn’t realize it

Have you ever had a feeling of deja vu while watching a movie? Because me yes and Reddit users. also. If we are reminded 3561 times during our schooling that plagiarism is bad, some directors don’t care and pump their pitch on other already existing ones. By changing a few details anyway, it shouldn’t be too burnt. Cheating is bad.

We have all had that feeling at some point where we watch a movie and it seems oddly familiar. For some, it may be because they’ve seen it before, but for others, it could be because the movie is actually a rip-off of another film.

Some directors are not original and simply copy the work of others. This is known as plagiarism and it is something that is frowned upon in the film industry. However, there are those who don’t care and continue to recycle ideas from other movies.

While some may argue that copying a few details from another film isn’t a big deal, it is still considered cheating. After all, if you’re going to make a movie, you should at least try to be original. Cheating is bad, no matter how you look at it.

1. 1001 Paws and Chicken Run

One of the main characters pretends to be a hero he is not because he lies about his real skills. But when his world is in danger, he realizes that this situation is too risky for him and flees. But seized with remorse, he returns and saves his congeners, thus becoming a real hero. So, are you more team ants or chickens?

2. Sex Friends and Sex Between Friends

Two people see each other regularly and decide to evolve their friendship into a sex hookup relationship. But each develops feelings for the other that they don’t really dare to admit to each other and this love undermines the relationship that was established without taking the head. Love is always a problem, I tell you.

3. Fast and Furious and Point Break

A police guy infiltrates a gang suspected of practicing crimes within the city. But he falls in love with one of the members of the group and this hinders his work. One of the stories revolves around trucks and cars, the other surfers. Choose your side.

4. Friend Request and Unfriend

An unpopular young girl commits suicide because of the teasing of her comrades that she suffered on social networks. She comes back to haunt her former friend to make her pay for her lack of support. Afterwards, everyone goes there with their little glaucous details.

5. Water Shape and Splash

The main character, having experienced a trauma related to water during his childhood, meets an aquatic creature with whom he falls in love. But the life of the creature is in danger because scientists want to seize it to advance their research. After multiple obstacles, the main character manages to make the aquatic creature escape and they end up living together under the ocean. Under the oceanaaaaaan.

6. Pocanhantas and Avatar

An indigenous community living in harmony with nature will one day see the arrival of foreign settlers wanting to take possession of their lands full of wealth. These settlers use weapons and force to dominate the pacifist inhabitants. One of the settlers, disagreeing with the use of violence, falls in love with one of the natives. And there you have it, another love story that makes a mess. Brother’s problems.

7. Die Hard and Mom, I Missed the Plane

During a Christmas Eve, an improvised vigilante wants to single-handedly prevent a gang of thugs from stealing money. Mom, I Missed the Plane is clearly the die hard for kids.

8. The Secretary and 50 Shades of Gray

A shy and insecure young woman meets a wealthy and charismatic corporate boss. Impressed and charmed, she quickly becomes his submissive and discovers sado-masochistic relationships. Ctrl+c, ctrl+v.

9. Toy Story and Pets

Companions make their living as soon as their humans have their backs turned. A new member arrives in the community which causes the jealousy of others who want to get rid of it. But they must support each other to face a villain who eliminates them. They eventually get out of it and all become great friends. Olala, keske c bo.

10. Mulan and Vaina

A young girl with a badass grandmother and a lot of responsibilities leaves the paternal authority, when she had to honor her family, to embark on an adventure in a field that is totally foreign to her, accompanied by a guy whom she barely knows. Together, they will hate each other but learn to love each other to overcome obstacles and save their people from an impending disaster, thus becoming heroes.

While some may argue that copying a few details from another film isn’t a big deal, it is still considered cheating. After all, if you’re going to make a movie, you should at least try to be original. Directors who plagiarize other films are doing a disservice to the industry and their audiences. If you’re looking for an original movie to watch, avoid those that seem too familiar- they might just be copies of other films.

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