Top 10 movies that exist thanks to a mess, bullshit contracts

You probably know that when a film is made in Hollywood everything depends on the headliners, the famous stars who play the heroes and who bring the spectators to the cinema. And to have THE star they want, the producers stop at nothing and are ready to do just about anything, especially to fool others with well-oiled contracts. We’re going to see some examples together and it’s rather sad.

1. Keanu Reeves starred in ‘The Watcher’ because a friend forged his signature

This is what the actor continues to say years after the release of this horrible film in which he does not have a big role but whose studio has capitalized on his image for the promotion. He had given an oral agreement to play in it but obviously it would be one of his friends who would have signed in his place, trapping him with the producers. Clearly a good joke for your friends to sign contracts for them.

2. Jared Leto keeps saying he was tricked into doing “Suicide Squad”

This is not a contract problem but a totally different presentation of the project that would be in question. Basically Leto states that he was presented with a film that was darker, more adult and serious than what was released in cinemas, a little closer to the film Joker with Joaquin Phoenix. The problem is that we were VERY far from the final product, a lot of Leto’s scenes were deleted and the whole thing is really crap, far from what he originally signed up for.

3. Channing Tatum had signed a contract that required him to star in “GI Joe”

There’s a nasty type of contract in Hollywood that forces you to do several movies with a studio whose script and shooting date you don’t know. Not only does that mean you don’t know if you’re going to be forced into some shit (as Tatum experienced with this movie) but it can also get you turned down for another project you like because of issues. of calendars. Nice bitch, like those other weird Hollywood habits.

4. Nathalie Portman was forced to stay on “Thor 2” despite the director’s departure

When he was offered to re-enlist to play in Thor 2 Nathalie Portman agreed on the sole condition that director Patty Jenkins direct the project. Except that at the start of production the director decided to desert because she feared that she would be criticized for the absolutely shitty quality of the script (she had a bad luck since it’s probably the worst Marvel). And Suddenly Portman found herself trapped in this horrible project while her friend was fired.

5. Paul Bettany agreed to star in “Dogville” because his friend Stellan Skarsgard lied to him.

Like what you sometimes really have to be wary of your friends, like Keanu Reeves the nice Paul Bettany agreed to play in Dogville because his friend Stellan had told him that it was the big party on the set and that we were having fun like never before. Curious about this singular atmosphere, Bettany signed and quickly understood that in fact we were getting so bored that Stellan didn’t want to continue without a friend on the set.

6. Emily Blunt was forced to turn down a big role at Marvel to make the movie “Gulliver’s Travels”

Another bullshit contract story that forced Emily Blunt to play in “Gulliver’s Travels”. The problem is that at the same time she had been approached to play in Iron Man 2 the role of Black Widow and was therefore forced to turn down the most lucrative project of her career. But at least Scarlett Johansson made a lot of money thanks to that, it’s already good.

7. Yves Montand was screwed to star in “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever”

When Barbara Streisand made her film she had asked Montand to play in it and if this one had not necessarily refused, he had nevertheless indicated that he could not accept because he could not play an old man. credibly, thinking to get away with it that way. So we made up his face to make him look old and he accepted his role because it didn’t look so bad.

8. Val Kilmer really didn’t want to star in ‘Top Gun’ but had to because of his contract.

When he was offered a role in the film, he really didn’t believe in the project, especially since he didn’t have the good part. In order to protest he participated in the audition by doing anything to get him to fail, but the studio knew he was capable of being a good actor and so he was forced to take the role. Besides, he begged the studios to take it back in the sequel, as he liked the film.

9. Bill Murray accepted “Garfield” because he confused the director with another

Basically the movie Garfield was directed and written by Joel Cohen and Bill Murray thought it was Joel Coen from the Coen Brothers. Except that no one saw fit to contradict him until he signed, a nice little trick that forced him to do the voice of the cat in a film that he later denied. It doesn’t take away his sympathy and I advise you to go see the best Bill Murray quotes, just because he is classy.

10. Sylvester Stallone starred in ‘Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot’ because Arnold Schwarzenegger framed him.

At the time, there was fierce competition between the two actors and Schwarzy picked up a rotten scenario that had been offered to him, that of the film “Stop or my mother will shoot”. He knew the studio’s second choice was Stallone and he decided to pretend he was super interested in the role so that his rival took it. And Sylvester fell completely into the trap as he agreed to the film and later regretted it. Clearly a stroke of genius on the part of good old Arnold.

11. Bonus: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck tricked everyone into doing “Will Hunting”

When they started spinning the script for their movie “Will Hunting” (for which they each won an Oscar), the two friends added an ass scene between the character of Robin Williams and another man who had no usefulness in history. The goal ? Making sure the producers read the script right, which happened only once in the person of Harvey Weinstein. He was the only one who told them that he loved the story but did not understand at all the usefulness of the scene. When they heard that they immediately accepted that he produce the film.

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