Top 10 Movies From The 90s Our Kids Had Better Like Or They’ll Dump

Yes ok, we know, it’s not just the 90s that are perfect. I’m willing to let the other decades prove their potential a bit. But let’s be honest for a minute, will you? In the 90s, or the 90s to show off a little, we knew how to do it in terms of cinema. We have been lulled by masterpieces, amazing films that we will never be able to forget or match. And our kids have a better interest in loving them, on pain of being disinherited.


The story of Peter Pan, once an adult, who must find his children who have been kidnapped by Captain Hook. Except that Peter Pan no longer remembers his life before, the fact that he knows how to fly, and that the Neverland exists. Not super easy for him suddenly.

2.Jurassic Park

The dinosaurs come back to life, the men make a zoo so that we can watch them, the dinosaurs freak out and eat everyone (thank you Allociné for hiring me to do the summaries of the films). A great film for children to see from an early age for learning about archeology. And if you want to test him on his knowledge, you will of course have to take the quiz “Do you really know Jurassic Park? “.

Top 10 Movies From The 90s Our Kids Had Better


The story of children who discover an evil board game that spawns monsters that try to eat everyone. After this film you can tell your children that it is better not to start this game of Monopoly, it may end badly.

4. Mom I missed the plane

A somewhat boring child forgotten at home at Christmas, while his whole family went on vacation. He also has to prevent thieves from looting his house, and makes traps that we all wanted to test on our enemies.

5.Forrest Gump

The story of a rather simple guy who goes through the great American periods from the 1950s, and who becomes an important player in all the revolutionary changes of the time, with an amazing soundtrack. It’s a must, especially since afterwards he can say to all his friends “Run Forrest, run” and thus join the human community.

6. Edward Scissorhands

A real film by Tim Burton, at the time when the latter still knew how to make people dream in the cinema. Edward is a made-up man, but he is still missing his hands, which have been replaced with scissors. He falls in love, and is heartbroken. But at the same time he has scissors instead of fingers which still commands a little respect.

7. The Fifth Element

The story takes place a few centuries later, the planet is on the verge of being smashed by uncool aliens, and a redhead teams up with a bad boy to save the world. And if your children prefer one day Valerian to this film, you can without regret consider abandoning them in the street.

8. The Mask

A guy discovers a mask with magical powers, which makes him really bad-ass than he really is. In short it is with Jim carrey, the Louis de Funès of modern times and it is SPENDIIIIIDE.

9. Men In Black

Guys from a secret organization work in secret to protect humans from extraterrestrials, trying to make them live in harmony, without humans knowing they exist. A beautiful metaphor for today’s world (yes, if you look hard enough).

10. The Lion King

The only cartoon of this top, because we can’t talk about 90’s movies without putting it in it. It’s like a Kinder with no surprises otherwise. Let the one who didn’t cry at Moufassa’s death come forward, I’ve always wanted to see with my own eyes someone without a heart.

I put the soul of my childhood in this top.