Top 10 Movies Based On Completely False Misconceptions

The cinema is too many lies anyway. The proof we have already told you about the lies of cinema in illustrations. Yes, it’s ugly but some films propagate popular beliefs and we, like big buffoons, believe in it seriously.

1. In “Lucy” we assume that humans only use 10% of their brain, LET ME LAUGH

It is neither more nor less a myth. Something that suggests that we are in fact ultra-intelligent beings who ignore each other. An excuse to say “It’s okay Martine, I can stay stupid because in fact I know that I have 90% of supreme intelligence nestled under the hood”. So I’ll stop you right away, it’s archi-false and we are big weaklings. This received idea dates from the 19th century and is widespread, so we can’t really blame Luc Besson. In reality, to make it short, we use all of our neurons, except that we don’t summon them all for the same things at the same time, hence the confusion.

Top 10 movies based on completely false misconceptions

2. Because of the “Jaws”, we are convinced that sharks are big FDPs

The shark kills fewer people each year than the cat (I totally invent this info but I would like to start this rumor, thank you for relaying this fake news on the internet). Sharks around the world in 2016 attacked 124 people and caused only 8 deaths. And it was a record. So really you can sleep peacefully without fearing a shark attack in your bed.

Top 10 movies based on completely false misconceptions

3. The dinosaurs didn’t look like the glowing lizards of Jurassic Park at all.

I’m not even talking to you about the last Jurassic World which is an attack on propriety, but the first Jurassic Park were already telling nonsense. Already because we learned that velociraptors were in fact covered with feathers. But also because nothing in the world allows us to believe that the vision of the T-Rex is based on movement. In short, it’s a bunch of mythos, and the dinos aren’t even there anymore to stand up against these lies.

Top 10 movies based on completely false misconceptions

4. Vikings never wore horns on their heads

I’m not even talking to you about a particular film, since basically all the representations of Vikings in the cinema are erroneous. There are certainly some rare traces of Vikings with horned helmets but these were mystical representations. The Vikings have been portrayed in this way since romanticism and everyone has taken to it.

Top 10 movies based on completely false misconceptions

5. In “The Forbidden Experiment”, it is implied that all it takes is a defibrillator to bring someone back to life, NIMPORTENAWAK YEAH

This myth is maintained in many fictions. When someone has a cardiac arrest, all it takes is a little defibro and then it starts again like 40. But in fact no. When the heart is stopped, it is stopped. When the heart line is totally flat, it’s finito. Kaput. And impossible to make the heart beat again.

6. In “The 5th Element” we are shown an explosion in space that makes noise and fire, AND MY ASS IS CHICKEN

Or in Star Wars, or in any movie that takes place in space. There is no air in space, and sound travels through air vibrations. There is no oxygen either, but it is oxygen that allows combustion and therefore explosions of fire. Instead we get a quick barely noticeable flash when two ships collide (something that happens every four mornings).

Top 10 movies based on completely false misconceptions

7. In “The Birds”, a scene shows that with a lit cigarette you can light a trail of gasoline: ET MON POULET C’EST DU ASS

A classic movie hit. A trail of gasoline, a cigarette butt still glowing and PAF it goes into immolation. So don’t worry, you can slather yourself in gas as much as you want (don’t do that), it’s not with a lit cigarette that you can reproduce the action at home. Indeed, the cigarette does not produce enough heat to create fire when it comes into contact with gasoline. But if in doubt, don’t try it at home.

Top 10 movies based on completely false misconceptions

8. In “Leon” (or pretty much any action movie), the mufflers are really quiet in no-noise mode

Come on, as if it were possible to shoot a bullet in silence. No no, certainly the silencer reduces the sound volume but it is not guaranteed discretion either, we just go from 170 decibels to 120 decibels. In short, what a scam. To find out more, just take a look at the lies the movies tell about guns.

Top 10 movies based on completely false misconceptions

9. It doesn’t take just a few seconds of chloroform at random to make you faint

Obviously it doesn’t work. Otherwise we would have found the ultimate method to fall asleep every night in express mode. Certainly chloroform can stun (it has anesthetic properties) but not make you lose consciousness or you have to combine it with other substances such as alcohol. And of course, you have to have it several minutes in the pif for it to have an effect.

10. Fight Club? A slightly simplistic view of schizophrenia

And in general, the “crazy people” of the cinema are a bit stereotyped. In life no one finds out that their best pal is actually one of our personalities, evil psychopaths aren’t dark bloodthirsty seducers etc. Overall, the treatment of madness in films is more a matter of popular belief.

Top 10 movies based on completely false misconceptions

Not to mention the treatment of zombies in the cinema, a pure object of fiction created from scratch which tends to make us believe, for example, that a zombie “dies” definitively when he is shot in the head, but scientifically nothing proves that a zombie is not resistant to bullets in the head.

Source: Liberation, Listverse, Daily Geek Show

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