Top 10 Movie Sequels That Almost Existed (But Actually Didn’t)

Netflix has just announced the production of a sequel to the movie Bird Box and frankly, we would have done well without it. The first film isn’t great and I don’t see how the script can allow for a sequel, but hey, there are 10 seasons of The Walking Dead so everything is possible. It’s especially heartbreaking when you think of all those movies that could have had a sequel and really deserved it. Unfortunately, many film projects have been aborted for multiple and sometimes obscure reasons (no I’m kidding, it’s almost always for lack of money).

1. Se7en 2

The New Line company was downright ready to produce the sequel to Se7en and a scenario had even been proposed. Morgan Freeman was willing to star in the film but Brad Pitt directly opposed it. David Fincher, the director, also informed the producers that he did not wish to work on this film and the idea was therefore abandoned.

2. The Godfather, Part 4

In the fourth episode of The Godfather, we could have found the Corleone family with Sonny at the head of the mafia organization. With several generations clashing and bonding, The Godfather 4 could have been a great success. Francis Ford Coppola was ready to direct the film and most of the actors were ready to negotiate, but the death of the screenwriter, Mario Puzo, put an end to the project.

3. The Vega Brothers

Did you like Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction? You would have loved The Vega Brothers. In this common prequel to both films, the story reveals the relationship between Vic Vega and Vincent Vega, the protagonists of these two cult Tarantino films. The script pleased the director a lot, but he finally decided to focus on two other projects: Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds.

4. Point Break 2

A new investigation for a new film. In the sequel to Point Break, we would have followed a story of a criminal gang, but above all we would have learned what happened to Bodhi, the surfer played by Swayze. Did you really think he died in that wave of the century? Unfortunately, we will never know since the production company has decided to cancel the film, probably for a question of thunasse.

5.Bodyguard 2

In the new opus of Bodygard, Kevin Costner could have approached the entourage of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. She had agreed to participate in the filming but the tunnel of the Alma bridge decided otherwise…

6. Beverly Hills Cop 4

After deserting the police, Axel Foley could have returned to service for Beverly Hills Cop 4. After reflection, Eddie Murphy preferred to abandon the project because he was not convinced by the script.

7. Ghosts in Moscow

Without giving more information, Jean Marais had announced the production of the film “Fantômas in Moscow”. Why was the film canceled will you tell me? Probably because of a war of egos between the main actors of the film. Jean Marais was jealous of the popularity of Louis de Funès and the importance that his character took on in the films.

8. The Gendarme (7th film)

According to screenwriter Jacques Vilfrid, two avenues were considered for the Gendarme’s seventh film: “The Gendarme in space” or “The Gendarme and the theft of the Mona Lisa”. Two completely different ideas that would probably have made very bad movies. In any case, the deaths of Jean Girault and Louis de Funès marked the end of the series.

9. Bronzed in America

We witnessed this with Les Visiteurs, all it takes is for a French film to be shown in the United States to make it a bad film (and we’re polite). After giving in to the producer’s demands, the Splendid troupe went on a scouting trip to the United States to seek inspiration, but they finally preferred to abandon the idea. So much the better.

10. The 7th Company against Frankenstein

This is not a joke. I don’t even want to talk about it.

In the end, maybe it’s not too serious…

Source: Allocine