Top 10 movie scenes shot without permission, it’s all illegal

Making a film is a big big mess, you have to think about a lot of stuff, hire a lot of people, rent the right gear, find actors who know their lines without being capricious and get all the right paperwork for filming permits. . Sometimes some productions neglect several of these points, especially the last one, and it can quickly create a huge mess because filming without authorization can be very expensive in court. So we’re going to talk about several scenes that were shot more or less illegally or without the agreement of the studio that produced them and I can tell you that it’s not pretty.

1. Mad Max (1979)

A big part of the movie madmax was shot in “guerrilla style”, a term that Americans use to say “in a hurry”. Low budget, lack of authorizations, impossibility for the team to talk to each other via walkie-talkie so as not to be grilled by the police… A complex shoot of which you can see one scene in particular which sums up the big mess: the one where a character breaks a chain that protects an emergency telephone on the side of a road. Why does the actor look so rushed? Not for the script, but because the team was afraid of getting burned by the cops who were prowling around.

2.Alien 3 (1992)

If you know a bit about the history of the filming of the third installment of the Alien saga, you probably know that to say that it went rather well is an understatement. Director David Fincher had several big clashes with the production to the point of completely disowning the film. For example, he wanted to shoot a scene where the xenormorph approached his face to Ripley and opened his mouth full of drool, which the producers did not want to see on screen. So Fincher decided to take a tiny crew, steal an alien costume, and take Sigourney Weaver to another location to shoot the scene illegally and put her in the final cut of the movie. The plan in question has become one of the most cult of the saga.

3. Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

In this film where Nicolas Cage finds himself in Vegas with the aim of committing suicide by drinking alcohol, we see him several times outdoors in the streets of the city with actress Elisabeth Shue. Well most of these scenes were shot without permission. Generally made in one take, the director tried to do it as quickly as possible so as not to attract the attention of the police, hence the use of a reduced team during the exterior scenes and a result almost close to a documentary. To the picture.

4. Justice League (2017)

Before leaving for the first time the shooting of Justice League, Zack Snyder wanted to bring back the character of Green Lantern with actor Wayne T. Carr in the costume. But the studio was against this idea because there was a plan to do a series on the character with another actor. So Snyder had Carr come to his house, put a green screen in the driveway of his house, and shot the scenes without Warner’s permission while warning the actor that the studio might delete the scenes (which ‘it happened). Pity. Have you seen the hidden details in Justice League by the way?

5. Easy Rider (1969)

Say that the shooting of Easy rider broke several laws would be fair enough: aside from the actual on-screen actors’ use of drugs, it was the scene shot in New Orleans during Mardi Gras that was done without any form of permission. Images that can be described as stolen since none of the thousands of people present had given their consent to appear in the film. But a few decades later it’s still a cult scene so it doesn’t matter.

6. Very Bad Trip 2 (2011)

Here it is a totally different permission that has been ignored. When the gang of revelers wakes up after a crazy night, Stuart’s character has a tattoo on his face similar to that of Mike Tyson. The problem is that the tattoo artist who created this design sued Warner for using the design without permission. The studio was forced to digitally change the tattoo on the VOD versions, but for the posters, the DVD versions and those shown in cinemas, it was already too late.

7. Cruel Jaws (1995)

The case of Cruel Jaws is probably the most disrespectful of all. This is a movie where a huge shark threatens to kill a lot of people. Yes, it reminds you of something and it’s normal. The film capitalized on the success of Sea teeth by making believe in several countries that it was the fifth part of the saga by using a misleading title. In addition he used several stolen images from previous films without agreement as well as the main theme of Star wars without having the rights (why not after all). The bigger it is, the more it’s acceptable.

8. Zombie Hell (1979)

Several scenes of this zombie film were shot in New York without authorization and if that did not necessarily pose a problem for the production, it breaks the atmosphere of the thing a little. Why ? Because in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, we see on the screen people quietly crossing a New York bridge by car to get to work when the streets are supposed to be deserted. Yeah, it failed.

9. Terminator (1984)

James Cameron shot most of the film’s scenes at night because permits were cheaper, but that didn’t stop several parts of the film from being shot illegally. The police therefore logically intervened during the making of the last scene and the producer made them believe that it was a student film so that they were allowed to shoot and the agents were more lax. Dared, but well done.

10. Escape from tomorow (2013)

We end with a nice case of total lack of authorizations since this film includes several scenes shot in a Disney amusement park without any form of agreement from the park. The actors pretended to be tourists, the cameras were boarded secretly and the editing was done in South Korea. Disney got wind of the affair but rather than giving it more visibility by attacking it head-on, the firm only forced the production to release the film on VOD platforms.

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