Top 10 movie posters that spoil themselves

Attention, the following top is framed by a huge spoiler tag, so if you haven’t seen the following films, it would be better to come back later. Whatever in fact it’s not that serious, because yes we’re going to spoil, but we’re going to spoil what the posters of these films already spoil. Because sometimes by wanting to give too many clues we REALLY give too many clues and suddenly we already know the end of the film, which is a bit stupid.

1.Avengers: Infinity War

Must say that the spoil was big for this film. As a reminder, the big bad Thanos is trying to recover the Infinity Stones to destroy half of humanity. We therefore wonder throughout the film if he will make it, to finally see this poignant finale during which the majority of Marvel heroes simply disappear when Thanos succeeds in carrying out his plan. The Japanese poster did not really leave any doubt, since the tagline under the name of the film could be translated as: “The Avengers totally destroyed”. Well done guys, good hook choice.

Top 10 movie posters that spoil themselves

2.Terminator Genesis

In this umpteenth film in the Terminator saga, the poster reveals in a COMPLETE way that John Connor, one of the heroes of the series is a Terminator and therefore the villain of the story. This twist only happens halfway through the movie, except for people who have seen the poster. In front of the cinema or on the DVD box for example. Completely con.

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This one is pretty well known now. In this film, the schizophrenic character played by James McAvoy finally goes on the news when the whole affair of the film is rumored. It is therefore in the last shot that we see Bruce Willis resuming his role of Unbreakable, one of M. Night Shyamalan’s previous films. The concern is that by looking at the two posters we can clearly see a fairly clear link between the two films. Definitely intentional, but a shame nonetheless.

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4. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Several posters were made for this film in which the famous spider-man confronts Electro, whose entire communication had been the object. The problem is that on this alternative poster we can clearly see the green jester facing the hero when he only appears in the last twenty minutes of the film and was supposed to be a real surprise. So it’s clearly failed. But that they are dumb…

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5. The Impossible

This film traces the poignant story of this family made up of actors Naomi Watts, Ewan Mcgregor and Tom Holland who go on vacation to Thailand before finding themselves separated by an earthquake followed by a tsunami. Will they make it and finally find each other? Well thanks to this poster created for Spanish-speaking countries, we clearly know that yes. Because they didn’t start their vacation with a hurt, grime-covered hug actually, so that can only be the end plan. It’s still stupid, why make another poster? The first was very good.

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6. 10 Cloverfield Lane

However, the promo had been rather well done: we really wondered with the trailer and the first poster if John Goodman’s character was keeping the poor woman prisoner in his bunker for a valid reason such as an alien invasion or just because he was crazy. . The theories on the name “cloverfield” were then justified with the link on the other film of the same name, but that remained mainly theories. At least until this poster is finally revealed. A particularly gross and stupid spoiler.

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7. Prometheus

Yeah, here we were treated to several different posters again and one would have been enough. But no, it was too tempting to make one with the final scene of the explosion of the Prometheus ship colliding with the Engineers’ ship. Big rotten spoiler only to say “hey look there are explosions in our film”.

Top 10 movie posters that spoil themselves

8. Planet of the Apes

The film starring Charlton Heston, which became cult for its completely incredible end, was still really spoiled by this poster. I don’t think I really need to explain why. In any case, it’s completely stupid. Might as well put up a white poster and write roughly “In the end, this happens: …”

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9.Rocky IV

In this part, the famous American boxer Rocky must face the terrible Ivan Drago, Russian fighter. Against the backdrop of the Cold War, one can COMPLETELY wonder who will ultimately win the big fight. Especially after seeing the poster in which an injured and triumphant Rocky is congratulated by his team by donning the American flag. Frankly, spoil level is not bad at all.

1658849418 246 Top 10 movie posters that spoil themselves

10. Deadpool 2 (but good spoiler)

Finally, we will talk about the Deadpool 2 case which makes a good joke on this poster. Rather than spoiling themselves, these creator trolls decided to spoil the movie “Logan” by writing at the top of their poster “From the studio that killed Wolverine”. It’s very well played, good big troll.

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