Top 10 movie lies about the human body, watch out your water is breaking

You know that cinema is the art of lying, that’s why you think that driving like Vin Diesel upside down on the highway is a super simple thing where you have no chance to die. But it’s all wrong, like the hair loss pills and where the meat comes from at the big chain restaurants, lies outright.

1. Getting shot has nothing to do with what happens in the movies.

Do you see that moment in the movies where a character takes a bullet in the limb and continues to shoot the enemies or says to his companions “go on, I’ll catch you” and he gets away with it? In real life, a bullet in these places that do not seem “vital” can be quite deadly, because the victim can quickly bleed out and not get up.

2. Women don’t lose 8 liters of fluid when their water breaks

We often see scenes in movies where pregnant women break water and flood the ground losing enough liquid to fill the footbath of an Olympic swimming pool. Except that in reality there is clearly not as much liquid coming out and generally it is more or less absorbed by the underwear, so forget the buckets of water friends props.

3. Amnesia does not remove ALL memory

It is very very rare to forget so many things in your life when you suffer from amnesia and even more so to forget whole sections of your memory. You can’t wake up having forgotten your whole life like Jason Bourne because not all areas of memory can be completely erased this way.

4. Strangling someone to death takes a very long time and takes a lot of energy.

If in the movies we are often shown someone being strangled to death in a few seconds without it seeming to be a real problem for the killer, the reality is quite different. Obviously, it takes several minutes to kill someone in this way, to induce asphyxiation or a heart attack, and to do so, one must have a rather colossal strength and enough energy to last that long.

5. Suffocating someone with a pillow is almost impossible.

In movies you can suffocate someone with a pillow in less than ten seconds because obviously the air doesn’t pass through and people can’t manage to struggle. In real real life it’s a different story, suffocating someone with a pillow is almost impossible because the air actually passes through it but also because like strangulation it takes enormous energy. Better have a gun.

6. People in a coma don’t look peaceful and clean.

In movies it looks like people in comas have just come out of the hairdresser and just had their makeup done, not to mention they’re sleeping peacefully. In reality many have breathing machines and do not look AT ALL like people sleeping calmly, it does not really look like a little nap.

7. Manage a bleeding nose

In the movies, when a character’s nose squirts blood, he puts his head straight back as if to keep the blood flowing inside. Except that this strange movement can make you choke, you actually have to lower your face and gently pinch your nose waiting for it to stop flowing. You can also cut off your nose, but that won’t help much.

8. A knife stuck in your body should not be removed

If one day, a knife is accidentally or voluntarily found inside your body, it is better to leave it there until help arrives and avoid pulling it out with a jerk like a movie hero. . You risk cutting the internal tissues, touching an organ and above all it is possible that the weapon prevents you from bleeding out so we don’t touch and we take care of ourselves while waiting for the ambulance, doing part of console or an egg cake for example.

9. You can’t “restart” a heart with a cardiac defibrillator.

You have all already seen the famous scene of the electrocardiogram with a straight line which symbolizes a stopped heart and doctors succeed in restarting the heart thanks to a defibrillator. Except that in real life using a defibrillator on a stopped heart is not really useful, the electric shock is useful to “recalibrate” a heart that is not beating at the right rate, but not to make it beat again .

10. The big mess of cardiac massages

Already the first thing to do before cardiac massage is to check the pulse, which barely 20% of movie characters do (I counted). Real cardiac massages are quite violent, you can easily break ribs by doing nearly 100 pressure movements in barely a minute. And the part where people straighten up after being rescued and say “what happened? it doesn’t happen, for the simple reason that the heart had stopped five seconds before.

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