Top 10 most unusual streets in the world

Nothing looks more like a street than another street. Well, not exactly. Especially these 10 streets that look like nothing known. From the narrowest to the widest, passing by the steepest, these streets are those of all records. Ready for a world tour of the streets like no other?

1. The narrowest

This is Spreuerhofstraße. A street in the city of Reutlingen in Germany, which is no more than 50 cm wide (31 cm at the narrowest places). And if many buildings in the world are separated by such narrow spaces, this space is the only one to have been qualified as a street.

2. The stickiest

We are talking here about Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California. A rather narrow street whose walls are almost entirely covered with chewing gum. Famous, she even appeared in TV shows and other series. In particular because among the lot of people who left their mark there, some had fun drawing small frescoes with their chewing gum. Well, it’s still disgusting.

3. The most twisted

We stay in the United States with the magnificent and photogenic Lombard Street in San Francisco, which descends steeply, making several rather tight turns. Very flowery, passable by car or on foot, this street is one of the most visited sites of the coastal city.

4. The shortest

Welcome to Ebenezer Place in Wick, Scotland. A square that is in fact a street that the Guinness Book of Records named as the shortest in the world. 2.06 meters exactly. The only registered address being that of a restaurant.

5. Longest

Yonge Street in Toronto is 1896 km long. It is therefore by far the longest on the planet. Although in fact it is the combination of Yonge Street and Route 11. The street itself only measures 56 terminals. But as it is in the book of records, we are not going to quibble…

6. Widest

9 de Julio Avenue in Buenos Aires is 140 meters wide. It has 9 routes. Not the kind you go through anyhow at the risk of getting stuck in the middle. An avenue whose width is directly linked to the checkerboard structure of the city.

7. The one with the biggest roundabout

This major street in Putrajaya, Malaysia has a roundabout 3.4 km in diameter. Enough to make the French jealous who, as we know, love roundabouts!

8. The steepest

And no, the steepest street is not in San Francisco but in Dunedin, New Zealand. Running for 350 meters, it has an average slope of 20% and suddenly drops from 30 meters in altitude to 100 meters. The maximum slope being 35%. Ah, I’m told in the atrium, that Baldwin Street has just been robbed of the title by Fjord Pen Llech in Harlech, Wales…

9. The most messy

In England, too, roundabouts are popular. Like Swindon, which was voted Britain’s worst junction. A large roundabout made up of 5 smaller ones, where one circulates in both directions. A sign explains how to do it, but it’s such a mess that even the locals avoid it when they can. The roundabout which has been officially baptized the “Magic Roundabout”. And while driving here may seem complicated, the magic roundabout is also one of the safest in the world.

10. Drunkest

Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas is also one of the brightest streets in the world. Report to the large screen in the shape of a dome which covers most of it. It is therefore here that tourists and locals meet in the evening to feast around the casinos, the stages on which concerts take place and the bars with a storefront. The kind of street where beer can quickly cost an arm but where thousands of liters are sold. A must in Las Vegas!

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