Top 10 most uncomfortable TV characters

Obviously when you watch a series, you end up becoming irremediably attached to one or two characters. But there are other characters who create the opposite feeling. Characters who make us so uncomfortable, who feed such discomfort, that we would be ready to stop the series because of them. Fortunately, as we have 0 social life, we continue and we suffer in silence.

1. Sketch – Skins

Do you remember Skins, the British series with teenagers who look like really to teenagers? (Take that Riverdale). In season 1, the villain is called Tony Stonem. He’s the cool kid from high school who manipulates all his friends and acts like a nice shit around his girlfriend. In season 2, Tony is no more than a shadow of himself and a new villain appears: Sketch alias walking anxiety. Sketch is a troubled teenager who has a fix on Maxxie, her neighbor across the street. She watches him from her window, covers her walls with pictures of him, and even goes so far as to break into Maxxie’s apartment and sleep under her bed without him noticing. Sketch is TV’s craziest character, so much so that I refuse to re-watch Skins season 2 because this kid gives me the creeps.

2. Bryce Walker – 13 Reasons Why

On the scale of discomfort, Bryce Walker is at the bottom rung. We’re talking about a guy who rapes people with impunity with a big smirk on his face. Bryce is the archetype of the privileged and literally untouchable rich kid. No matter what evil he may do around him, he will always manage to manipulate the people around him to achieve his ends. From what I’ve been told, he dies in season 3. Cheh.

Top 10 most uncomfortable TV characters

3. Chuck Bass – Gossip Girl

I can already see the outraged comments: “but it’s a scandal, Chuck is a great guy” blablabla. We will quickly clear things up. Chuck Bass is a charismatic and very funny boy, but he is above all a sexual predator. He attempts to rape Jenny Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen, constantly manipulates Blair, and always gets away with it unscathed. What makes me most uncomfortable is that the script almost forces us to appreciate the character despite all the horrors he may have done.

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4. Janice – Friends

” OH MY GOD… ! » Who has never been embarrassed by the unbearable voice of Janice, a recurring character on Friends? His tone, his voice, his laughter, it all comes together to make you feel uncomfortable and wish you had never heard that shrill sound. For fake Friends fans who have only seen the series in VF, you can’t understand what the real pain is.

5. T-bag – Prison Break

T-bag or Theodore Bagwell for intimates (but you don’t really want to be intimate with him, believe me) has been described many times as one of the most creepy characters on television, this man is the devil incarnate. T-bag seems to be devoid of any empathy, he takes pleasure in hurting those around him. Within the prison, he constitutes his harem where all his victims are under his influence. He is sexually attracted to both men and women, but also to children (this man is a beautiful piece of shit, we can say that).

6. Gustavo Fring – Breaking Bad

Gustavo Fring is a simple and disciplined man. He is responsible for a chain of fried chicken restaurants “Los Pollos Hermanos”, he supports the DEA and we recognize him by his tight little smile. Behind this facade hides a drug baron who has imposed his supremacy among traffickers. He runs his vast drug empire ruthlessly and Machiavellian and shows no feelings. He summarily executed many of his associates and many of his rivals. Thanks to his henchmen and informants, he always knows everything and does not hesitate to strike where it hurts. Gus Fring creates unease with his disconcerting ease in committing the irreparable while keeping an impassive face.

7. Arturo Román – Money Heist

If you watched La casa de papel, you must have wanted to slap Arturo Román, the worst character in the series. Already, we are talking about a toxic guy who wants to control the life of Mónica aka the most badass girl in the world. Then he never stops bringing everything back to himself. “Look at me, look at me, I’m here”, it looks like Manuel Valls in the midst of an existential crisis. In the second part of the series, this big fat Arturo is voluntarily locked up in the Bank of Spain because he can’t stand being left behind (poor cabbage). All this for what ? To sexually abuse a woman held hostage. This man is first-class scum and I’ve been praying the whole series that he’ll take a stray bullet.

8. Gunther – Friends

After Janice, it’s Gunther’s turn to arrive on the podium of the troublesome characters of Friends. Gunther is a waiter at Central Perk, he is obsessed with Rachel and hates anyone she begins a romantic relationship with. He observes her while working, listens to her conversations and buys back all the objects (and animals) she may have touched. Hyper cringe. It does not prevent us from loving him to miss actor James Michael Tyler who left us in 2021

Top 10 most uncomfortable TV characters

9. Ned Flanders – The Simpsons

Ned Flanders is the perfect neighbor, the perfect father, the perfect man…too perfect. He is always there to spy on your every move, he constantly offers you help and annoys you to the point. Ned Flanders makes you uncomfortable with his unbearable expressions based on “voili-voilou” and other “tip-top”. Flanders should go home and take care of his butt for a change.

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10. Bran – Game of Thrones

Bran arrives at the end of the classification because he is not really embarrassing but in spite of himself establishes a malaise. At the beginning of the series, Bran is a child like the others but when he becomes the Crow with 3 eyes in season 6, his character changes radically. Her mysterious, focused gaze has a knack for making anyone feel uncomfortable (and the hair evolution hasn’t really helped).

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