Top 10 most toxic foods for rabbits, watch out friends

There are plenty of reasons to adopt a rabbit rather than a cat. Like the fact that we can make a good terrine of it already. Nah, I’m kidding of course, don’t do that or you’ll end up in a terrine. Having a rabbit allows you to have pleasant company without wondering every day if it is a heartless monster (cats, we are talking about you). In addition, since he has four legs that bring good luck, you are four times more likely to be happy. But for your animal to be happy too, there are things to know before adopting a rabbit, such as the foods you shouldn’t give him (otherwise, he’ll really end up in a terrine).

1. Chocolate

As with dogs and cats, it is important not to give 70% dark chocolate with hazelnut chips to your little rabbit. Yes, because chocolate contains theobromine which is toxic to rabbits and can attack their heart and nervous system. So not crazy.

2. Certain vegetables

Rabbits are a little picky about eating vegetables, but hey, it’s for their health so it’s ok. With them, it is therefore necessary to avoid leeks and mushrooms which can cause them anemia, but also turnips, which they digest poorly, peas and beans, which are dangerous for their liver, and cabbage which cause them intestinal bloating. You should also avoid giving them green beans which are difficult for rabbits to digest.

3. Potato and sweet potato

Forget the little fries for your bunny. Because of the starch they contain, potatoes and sweet potatoes are toxic to rabbits because they cause serious digestive problems. And if they are sprouted, they can even cause death, and that’s not what we want.

4. Garlic and onion

In addition to causing poor digestion, garlic and onion contribute to the loss of red blood cells in rabbits. And this can cause intoxication or even anemia in your pet. Poor bichon.

5. Sweets

You wouldn’t give your dog cakes or candies? Well, do the same with your rabbit. Too much sugar could damage its intestinal flora and cause food poisoning and even infections. And it’s no.

6. Certain fruits

As with vegetables, some fruits are extremely toxic to our long-eared rodent friends. Banana, avocado and rhubarb are fruits that should be particularly avoided because of their sugar level and the toxins they contain.

7. Milk

Who doesn’t want to give their bunny a good bowl of hot chocolate on a hard winter’s evening?? However, this is a very bad idea because milk and all dairy products in general are very toxic to rabbits, causing digestive disorders and rheumatoid lesions, among other things. Not very cool.

8. Green plants

If certain treated aromatic plants are good for the health of the rabbit, others are to be avoided because they can cause digestive irritations, diarrhoea, and even prove to be fatal. For example, you can forget about laurel, fern, ivy, lily, lily of the valley, physalis and poppies, as well as houseplants.

9. Corn

Corn can be fatal for rabbits because it contains a lot of carbohydrates, which makes it very difficult to digest. It can also ferment in the rabbit’s stomach (slurp), and therefore make it very sick.

10. Wheat

You might think that rabbits love stuff made from wheat like rusks (or is that just me?). But it’s actually an urban legend (probably spread by me at the time) because wheat-based foods are bad for the rabbit’s digestive system.

To all the Peanuts in this world, be careful what you eat, some would like to do the same with you so beware.

Sources: Woopets, Animal Mag, Biba.