Top 10 most isolated monasteries on the planet, to retreat from the world

There are those who are confined in a maid’s room, those who are confined in houses, those who are confined outside (by the way if you want to give a hand to the homeless, we have gathered our best advice for you to help during confinement) and then there are those who confine themselves in monasteries. Say goodbye to the noise of the city, here are your next destinations in alone mode in the world.

1. Meteora Monasteries (Greece)

A set of monasteries perched on different rock masses that were once accessible only by a system of baskets suspended from the mountain (since then, stairs have been carved into the rock). Located in northern Greece, this picturesque place was founded, according to legend, by Saint Athanasius, who was carried by an eagle, like Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, to the top of the mountain. Needless to say that since then, the eagles no longer provide transport.

2. Key Monastery (India)

We stay in Tolkien’s universe with this Buddhist monastery, which is reminiscent of the city of Minas Tirith. A monastery over 1000 years old, which serves as a training center for Lamas, and which culminates at 4116 meters above sea level, known to have suffered a large number of attacks over time.

3. Phuktal Monastery (India)

A rather incredible place, built on the side of a cliff, at the entrance of a cave located almost 4000 meters above sea level. 70 Buddhist monks live there.

4. Ostrog Monastery (Montenegro)

Integrating the monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church of Ostrog means regularly meeting tourists who come to admire the panorama but also to seek the miracles that the holy relics that can be found there are supposed to bring. For total tranquility we will come back. Note that the place is considered a kind of crossroads of the Catholic, Muslim and Orthodox religions.

5. Taktshang (Bhutan)

Another major tourist hub, which nevertheless closes some places to visitors, such as the tiger’s lair. A totally isolated “room” that welcomes the monks, who stay there for 3 years without seeing or talking to anyone. A marvel of Bhutan clinging to its cliff, this monastery is one of the most famous on the planet. It is accessed by donkey.

6. Xuan Kong Monastery (China)

This one is also rather difficult to access. You just have to see it to be convinced. Almost miraculously “fixed” to an imposing rock wall, it has defied gravity since its construction in 491.

7. Popa Taungkalat Monastery (Burma)

Planted on an ancient volcanic chimney, this spectacular and very isolated monastery is located on Mount Popa, which is considered to be the place where the spirits of 37 Great Nats found refuge. The mount which also stands out as an oasis of greenery in the Burmese desert.

8. St. George’s Monastery (Syria)

Erected in the 5th century, destroyed by the Persians then rebuilt in 1901, this Christian monastery is on a sacred site mentioned in the Bible.

9. Sumela Monastery (Turkey)

In the heart of Altindere National Park, Sumela Monastery also attracts many tourists. It must be said that the place is rather picturesque. Clinging to the foot of a cliff, this place whose origins date back to 386 was renovated by the Turkish government after being abandoned and looted. A major cultural and historical center, it has now regained all its splendor and sits proudly in the heart of spectacular nature.

10. Saint-Martin du Canigou Abbey (France)

Because all the places mentioned above are located very far from us and it was necessary to offer a more reasonable alternative in terms of distance, we have selected for you this Romanesque abbey bathed in the luxuriant and benevolent nature of the Canigou massif. Not a monastery strictly speaking, but a place that regularly welcomes people wishing to come and recharge their batteries in prayer and meditation. Tourists are also welcome.

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