Top 10 most inaccessible private clubs of the rich in the world, it’s private sir

The rich are people like us. Finally, they are like us, people. It’s clearer shot that way. Because apart from that they don’t share much with the rest of us, in any sense of the word, otherwise they wouldn’t be richer by dint of giving all the time. Not my best intro, I grant you. IN SHORT, we are going to talk about the most inaccessible rich clubs in the world, those where it is not enough to be rich to enter, which is a problem of being rich in itself.

1. Soho House

Already present in London, Hong Kong, Barcelona or Berlin the prestigious SohoHouse will soon open an establishment in Paris. To get in, nothing could be simpler: you have to be recommended by someone and pay a high annual tribute. But afterwards, you will really have proof that you are important in the world of important people.

2. The Travelers Club (Paris)

Do you want to dine next to great business leaders, rich Parisian socialites with noble origins and people who wear polo shirts on Sundays? Therefore the Travelers Club is made for you. Only small problem: you are probably not made for the Travelers Club, and anyway, you need a letter from two sponsors and a contribution of 1630€ if your application is accepted. I checked, you don’t have them.

3. The CORE: Club (New York)

Already when in a club there is Bill Gates and the founder of Starbucks you can be pretty sure it’s not the BDE from the local business school. To enter the CORE: Club you must first be recommended, accepted, pay €50,000 registration fees, €15,000 annual package and know the secret entrance located on the side of a building in Manhattan.

4. The Yacht Club (Monaco)

It’s very simple, to join this club you must be supported by two members and your application must then be accepted by Prince Albert II of Monaco, president of the club. I don’t know what they do with their days in there but my little finger tells me that they are having a lot of fun in giant ball pools.

5. The Capital Club (Dubai)

Going to Dubai to visit air-conditioned malls and meet influencers who advertise is overrated now, the only good reason to go to Dubai is to listen to super smart people give you advice at the prestigious Capital Club. As usual, to integrate the club a significant pecuniary participation and the support of other members are required. Wearing a silk bathrobe is also highly recommended.

6. The Saint-James Club (Paris)

Guys who put on marinières, boat shoes and who talk about their yacht which they don’t even drive: this is perhaps what is happening at St. James Club. Since I’ve never set foot there, I can’t validate this hypothesis, while waiting for the thing to be located in Paris and you can eat the dishes of a starred restaurant owner there (that’s the good part).

7. The 1930 Club (Italy)

If there are Clubs 1930 in several places, the one in Italy was known to spray customers with alcohol in the midst of prohibition. It has become over the years a secret club where only the members know the entrance and which looks like all the others: you have to be rich and put on clean socks to enter.

8. The Bohemian Club (San Francisco)

Originally created by journalists, the Bohemian Club is one of the most closed clubs in the world, mainly frequented by conservative American politicians and nuts of money, which does not necessarily stick with the name of the group. No one really knows what’s going on there, but obviously we know how to play UNO in the building.

9. The Carnegie Club (New York)

Ok, this one is the most cliché of the clubs for the rich: polo, falconry, golf, vintage horses, strawberry syrup which is not of the benchmark brand… All the excesses are allowed to Carnegie Club and it is even recommended, like wearing a scarf around your neck and walking with your head raised.

10. The Death Eaters Club (London)

In case you haven’t noticed, to enter the Death Eaters you have to make an inviolable oath, have a snake tattoo and agree to be humiliated by Voldemort’s other baltringue. Then you have to be rich, pure blood, dress badly and behave like a complete asshole. It skims a lot of people.

Top 10 most inaccessible private clubs of the rich in

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