Top 10 most hated monuments in their own country

Monuments are important in that they contribute to the prestige of cities and attract tourists. If some are just there to decorate, others have very specific functions. And if most of the time, everyone agrees that they are magnificent or in any case tolerable, sometimes it does not pass. This is how the ten monuments in this top are considered undesirable in their own cities…

1. Montparnasse Tower (Paris, France)

When it emerged from the ground in 1973, this 209-meter giant was the tallest building in France (it has since been dethroned by the First tower in Courbevoie). Also the most hated. Despite the fact that the project was supported by André Malraux himself, the Parisians gave him a rather cold reception. Nicknamed the Paris wart, it is now a little better accepted but is not unanimous.

2. The Statue of Peter the Great (Moscow, Russia)

Signed Zurab Tsereteli, this 1997 statue pays homage to Russia’s military maritime fleet. At 98 meters tall, it is the tallest statue in Russia and the eighth tallest in the world. The thing you need to know is that at the base, it was not Peter the Great who was to appear there but Christopher Columbus. First designed to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas, it was offered to several Latin American countries, the United States and Spain, but everyone closed the door to it. Eventually, Russia decided to fish her out and Peter the Great came to replace Columbus. Which doesn’t mean that the Russians love it for all that.

3. The Georges Pompidou Center (Paris, France)

Back to Paris, with the Center Georges Pompidou which still today, is considered by many inhabitants as the ugliest building in the city, even in the department, even in the region, even in the country, even in the world. With its pipes, its colors and its bizarre architecture, the Center Georges Pompidou does not pass…

4. The Shard (London, England)

Described as the “spire planted in the historic heart of London”, this building, first called London Bridge Tower, has never managed to conquer the hearts of Londoners. Since its construction in 2009, it has always been singled out with disgust despite its many appearances in the cinema, in James Bond in particular.

5. Monument to Victor – Emmanuel II (Rome, Italy)

Built in honor of the first king of unified Italy, this monument of 1885, was alternately nicknamed by the inhabitants of Rome “false teeth”, “wedding cake”, “the typewriter”. Nothing too vulgar, but still… The color of the marble is regularly called into question, considered irrelevant, and the size, which is really excessive.

6. La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

Designed by the illustrious Antoni Gaudi, the architect of several emblematic monuments of Barcelona, ​​the Sagrada Familia is currently still under construction. The cranes are part of the landscape and that doesn’t please the locals very much, many of whom don’t particularly like the church either. At the time, Pablo Picasso said he would have sent those responsible to hell. George Orwell called it “one of the most hideous buildings in the world”.

7. The Palace of Parliament (Bucharest, Romania)

If the tourists seem to love it, the inhabitants of Bucharest hate it. Built at the express request of Nicolae Ceausescu at a time when Bucharest was living in extreme poverty, it symbolizes the reign of the dictator and is still perceived as the symbol of cruel oppression.

8. The Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

Definitely, Parisians are complicated… The Eiffel Tower, which has largely contributed to making Paris the greatest tourist destination in the world, has been the subject of certain detestation since its construction. At the time, there was even talk of demolishing it. Several artists have joined forces to obtain its outright withdrawal, without success.

9. The Eastern Gate (Suzhou, China)

The highest gate in the world, culminating at 301 meters, this tower built in 2015, also houses the deepest wine cellar on the planet and the highest swimming pool. Suzhou residents find the building downright humiliating, as walking under it is like stepping between the legs of a particularly hideous giant.

10. The Valle de los Caidos (Madrid, Spain)

Built to pay tribute to the memory of the victims of the Spanish Civil War, this monument also houses the tomb of the dictator Francisco Franco. It is besides him ordered its construction, forcing thousands of workmen to literally kill themselves with the work. The Valle de los Caidos would contain about 40,000 bodies but only those of Franco and José Antonio Primo de Rivera, the leader of the Falange are located in the church. It is also possible to visit it. What many people do in order to be able to spit on Franco’s grave.

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