Top 10 most hated clubs in Europe

Football is one of those sports that polarizes fans a lot. Between Barça / Real, OM / PSG, Manchester City / Manchester United, European fans are divided, and sometimes fight (we must not do that, let’s all stay calm and serene).

But according to a very thorough scientific study on the whole of the European population, certain clubs are nevertheless particularly hated by all. If your favorite club is on this list (and it will surely be there), it doesn’t matter, it all happens to be a puff.

1. PSG

Unfortunately for the Parisians, PSG is not the most popular club in Europe (and it’s the same in France for that matter). It is however the only French club to have recently reached the Champions League final, we should be happy.

The first reason is obviously the takeover by Qatar, you will see throughout the top that generally, we don’t really like the new rich. PSG are criticized for being a club without history which does not deserve its place among the greats and which spends lavishly. It’s half true, 400 million for Neymar and Mbappé is a lot, but for the past ten years PSG was “only” the 4th biggest spending club in Europe.

In short, for its detractors, PSG is also a club without a mentality, with the example of the comeback of Barça. And if they were in the Champions League final it would also be “thanks” to the Covid and the format of knockout matches. A bit harsh as judgement.

2. RB Leipzig

In the new rich category we have even stronger than PSG: Leipzig was set up from scratch by Red Bull in 2009, and necessarily that does not help the reputation of the club. Mostly hated in Germany, the club is not highly appreciated in Europe either.

Main criticisms (as usual): lack of club history, large financial resources.

3. Juventus of Turin

In the Champions League, Juve is one of those clubs that is both hated and appreciated, a club that divides a lot of people. Remember that the nickname given by the fans to the team is still “Amici di nessuno”, which means “the unloved”, too sad.

Juve is not very appreciated for the stories of cheating that it drags and its arrogant character. We remember in 1998 (yes it goes back, but since the club’s reputation has been tarnished) during the match against Inter Milan, the referee’s inaction when Ronaldo was broke in the area, and who a few moments later whistled a penalty in favor of Juve for a more than questionable fault. Juve wins the match, while the team was largely dominated throughout the game.

A few years after this event, during a new derby between Juve and Inter, the sporting director quietly told the press “(there will be) 10-0 for Juve. For Inter Milan to really know what it’s like to cry.”It has the merit of being clear.


It becomes almost tiresome, but Chelsea is also a divisive club, especially since its takeover by the Russian Abramovich. More than 1 billion euros have been injected into the club thanks to this takeover and we link the success and the titles of the club to this maneuver.

The Blues are criticized for not having had a track record before the arrival of the Russians, and for internationalizing their team too much (in 1999, Chelsea were the first European club to field a team composed entirely of foreign players).

5. Barca

Barça, we love it or we hate it. But it must be recognized that for a few years, Barça is no longer what it was.

The blaugrana have dominated European football for many years, and especially with Pep Guardiola who has met with dazzling success in four years, with a sextuplet in 2008-2009 (Championship, Spanish Cup and Supercup, Champions League, Supercup of UEFA and finally the Club World Cup).

But since 2017, the club has been in decline. Two defeats in the Spanish Super Cup final against Real Madrid – eliminated three times in a row in the Champions League quarter-finals, and recently Messi who left the club after 17 years of loyal service due to lack of financial means on the part of of Barca. In short, a lot of disappointment among the supporters and a lot of satisfaction for all those who hated the club for many years already.

We can never blame Barça for not being a historic club, but we must recognize that it is no longer at the level that the club had known and it is disappointing (from there to hating it is a lot , but the supporters are very tough).

6. Milwall (mostly because of their supporters)

Already the club is not known in Europe, nor even in England for its sporting qualities, but for its completely crazy supporters (it announces the color). One of the Milwall supporters’ slogans is none other than “No one like us and we don’t care”, well, no real translation needed, that’s pretty clear.

The F-Troop, the club’s hooligan supporters, have become known across Europe among all football fans for their violence (in 2013 2 supporters served 1 year in prison for their actions), which tarnishes the image sport and even more English football. You understand why we don’t carry it in our hearts.

7. Zenit San Petersburgo

The Russian team is not very well known to the general public, I grant you that. But when she is known she is generally not well liked. The club reached its highest level largely thanks to Gazprom.

With the financial funds acquired by the gas company, the club wins several championships, and even a UEFA Cup… but it’s just a coincidence.

8.Manchester City

For the same reasons as PSG, Manchester City is not the most popular club because of its rise thanks to large financial means: in 2008 City is bought by an investment fund from Abu Dhabi and the new owners waste no time and sign Brazilian star Real Madrid Robinho for £32.5m.

Manchester City, which was a rather modest club, will inevitably be talked about after this affair. Moreover, like PSG, the club has never won the Champions League and qualified for the final once, last year.

But today with the great Pep Guardiola as coach, the club won over more and more fans, it is one of those new clubs that are gradually making a place for themselves in the very closed circle of the big European clubs.

9. Malaga (always a story of redemption, definitely money does not buy happiness…)

Always the same story: a club which had difficulties, bought by the Qataris who launched a bold recruitment strategy with internationals in particular, Venezuelan Salomón Rondón, the Brazilian Julio Baptista and the Argentinian Martín Demichelis.

Yet the club’s results are still not exceptional, lack of credibility and legitimacy mean that this club, like some others, does not have many followers at European level.

10. Lazio this club of racists

This is always a problem of supporters, historically linked to the extreme right or even the Italian fascist parties.

The Lazio club has been condemned several times because of the signs of its supporters: monkey cries in 2019 against Mario Balotelli, controversy against the Albanian side Hysaj who had sung Bella Ciao during his integration, singing obviously not very appreciated by supporters who raise a sign “Hysaj parasite, Lazio is fascist”, during his first match.

In short, the atmosphere is not tip top there and obviously it does not bother the sports director, Claudio Lotito who had declared to the press: “The cries of monkeys? They also do this to those with ‘normal skin'” niceaaaa!

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