Top 10 most dangerous mountains on the planet

So we are of course talking about mountaineering. Because a mountain, seen from afar, does not represent any particular danger, that goes without saying. A mountain is even really beautiful. The thing is, when you decide to climb on it, the mountain can rebel and present multiple risks so that you join the list of stupid tourists rescued in the mountains.

1. Annapurna (Nepal)

Welcome to the Himalayas! The Grail of many mountaineers. The Annapurna which culminates at 8091 meters and on which 53 people died. Just over 130 having managed to tame it since the first ascent in 1950. To sum up, it is quite simply one of the most hostile places in the world.

2. The K2 (China, Pakistan)

Nicknamed the wild mountain but also the ruthless mountain, the K2 makes the most experienced mountaineers dream or have a nightmare. Because the 8611 meters, you have to stuff them! An ascent made very complicated by the presence of very steep slopes, glaciers that are rather difficult to cross and pillars of ice that could break at any time.

3. Nanga Parbat (Pakistan)

Ninth highest peak in the world (8125 meters), Nanga Parbat, also located in the Himalayas, is complicated to climb, even when you choose the easy way. Understand by this that even the classic way is very difficult. They are more than 80 to have perished while trying to reach the summit. We nicknamed its south face, the man-eater…

4. Kangchenjunga (Nepal, India)

We stay in the Himalayas with this mountain of 8586 meters. The third highest peak in the world and the highest point in India. Something atypical with Kanchenjunga: while mortality tends to drop on all the highest peaks on the planet, here it is increasing. +22% in recent years. The cause ? There are many, but avalanches play an important role in the danger of the place.

5. The Eiger (Switzerland)

Only 3970 meters (compared to the first four of the tops, it’s not much, but in fact it’s huge) for this Swiss summit that is sometimes nicknamed the murderous wall. Atmosphere… Frequent rock falls are among the greatest dangers that threaten those who attempt to climb it.

6. The Matterhorn (Switzerland, Italy)

12th highest peak in the Alps at 4478 meters, the Matterhorn also has a slightly intimidating original shape. The Matterhorn which has one of the highest mortality rates in the Alps.

7. Vinson Massif (Antarctica)

The highest point in Antarctica (4892 meters) does not present major difficulties according to experts. No here, it’s not necessarily the lack of technicality that can kill but the cold and isolation. The Massif Vinson, which is one of the famous seven summits, i.e. all the highest points of the seven continents.

8. Baintha Brakk (Pakistan)

This 7285 meter giant is also called the Ogre. A super scary mountain, which was climbed for the first time in 1971. But since it was still a bit hot, no one ventured there until 2001. And that’s where Doug Scott managed to tame the ‘Ogre. The problem is that he broke both legs on the way down. An accident that forced him to crawl back to base camp.

9. Everest (Nepal, China)

Many people dream of reaching the top of Everest and given the difficulty it represents, they are rather numerous to have succeeded. However, there are also more than 200 victims. The success of Everest having weakened it. So much so that it is also considered an open dump. Have you seen the movie Everest? The one where Josh Brolin loses his nose to the cold? Well that’s Everest: you can lose your nose there and much more. Otherwise, it is also the name of a Soprano album that it seems impossible to listen to until the end. Finally it seems huh…

10. The Denali (USA)

The most dangerous mountain in the United States is located in Alaska. Formerly called Mount McKinley, it is the highest point in North America (with 6190 meters). More than 100 people have lost their lives there and many others have broken their teeth without reaching the top. Worst of all, in the Twilight books, the mountain would be squatted by a clan of vampires…

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