Top 10 most dangerous hotels in the world

Theoretically, in a hotel, nothing to fear. After all, it is somewhat the minimum for an establishment to ensure the safety of its customers. However, this is not the case everywhere. We are not talking about the kind of hotel where you can find yourself face to face with a cockroach the size of your neighbor’s cat when you get up in the morning or those where the bedding leaves something to be desired. No, here, it’s more about these hotels where you risk your life…

1. The Cecil Hotel (Los Angeles, USA)

Planted in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, in the Skid Row district, one of the poorest in the country but also the most dangerous, the Cecil Hotel has had a bad reputation since a young Canadian tourist, Elisa Lam, was found died in one of the water tanks located on the roof (the tenants having drunk the water in question for days). Even if in fact, it had already been a long time since the establishment had bad press when Elisa Lam decided to stay there. The young girl having been notably preceded by the serial killer Richard Ramirez who had made it his headquarters. At the Cecil, where the cream of LA used to throng and where dealers, sleazy people and creepy misfits have since moved in. Where suicides are commonplace. To learn more about this unsolved mystery of the 21st century, we advise you the documentary Scene of Crime: The Disappeared of the Cecil Hotel, on Netflix, is highly recommended.

2. The Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower (Bald Head, USA)

Former South Carolina lighthouse, built to guide cruise ships, this platform became a hotel in 2010. There are only 8 rooms. Lost in the middle of the sometimes raging waves, it turns out to be more than risky. Especially for sleepwalkers who can, in no time, fall into the water in the middle of the night.

3. The Amana Holiday Inn (Williamsburg, USA)

September 12, 1980: A man and his mistress are found dead in one of the rooms of this hotel. The body on one side and the head on the other, with fingers spread all around the crime scene. Most disturbing is that no signs of infringement were revealed. The only clue is a curious message inscribed with a piece of soap on the bathroom mirror: “This”…

4. The Ostrich Inn (Slough, England)

The former owners of this inn had the annoying habit of killing their residents and then cutting up the bodies before cooking them. Their modus operandi is blood-curdling: when the couple had set their sights on someone, they led them into a room where there was a trap door that opened directly onto a tank filled with a boiling liquid. So yes ok, it was in the 17th century, but it seems that the 60 victims of the former inmates are still prisoners of the walls…

5. Karosta Prison (Liepaya, Latvia)

An authentic prison transformed into a hotel. Not a chic hotel for bourgeois in need of thrills but something really special! Because here, the conditions of imprisonment have been kept identical. Taking a room there is therefore like sleeping on a rather dirty bunk, behind bars, with threats from the “guards” and nocturnal complaints from other customers.

6. The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, USA)

It was here that Stephen King had the idea for The Shining. A hotel which, according to legend, is indeed haunted. From there to discovering a zombie in the bathtub or creepy binoculars in the hallways, there is only one step…

7. The Lizzie Borden House (Fall River, USA)

The former shack of Lizzie Borden, who became infamous for chopping up her father and stepmother, is now a bed and breakfast. It is therefore possible to pawn, or at least try, in the same room where the bodies were found in a bloodbath. At breakfast, the tenants serve exactly the same menu as the one the victims ate before their death. Vibe…

8. The Golden Key Motel (Atlantic City, USA)

It’s unlikely that the owners of this hotel on the US East Coast have decided to open their establishment to make it the sleaziest and dirtiest in all of America. It is however the title which was given to him by customers successively outraged by the conditions which the hotel proposed. It was also the headquarters of a serial killer to date unidentified. Several corpses were found there, neatly lined up, in one of the rooms. The case was never solved, but the hotel was demolished.

9. The Del Coronado Hotel (Coronado, USA)

We stay in the United States with this hotel in which a woman was found dead. A story in certain aspects quite similar to that of the Cecil Hotel except that here, the hotel in question, is rather classy at first glance. If the authorities evoked the thesis of the suicide, nothing is obvious because several indices let think that it would have been assassinated. Still, to this day, the truth is not known. It seems that the ghost of the unfortunate woman continues to haunt the corridors of Del Coronado…

10. The Dollar Inn (Cloverdale, USA)

Notorious for being at the center of a high-profile criminal case, the Dollar Inn has since struggled to redeem itself. The facts go back several years. Jessica, a 14-year-old girl runs away from home with her 23-year-old boyfriend. On their way to get married in New York, the couple stopped at the Dollar Inn. In the next room, a friend of the boyfriend, who is responsible for driving the car. During the night, the friend in question hears disturbing noises but does not really freak out. The next day, the two men leave but not Jessica. His body remains untraceable. The boyfriend is arrested but there are no clues to hold him back for too long. In 2008, the same guy commits suicide after killing his wife…

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