Top 10 most dangerous forests in the world, for walks where you can die

The forest is wonderful. You can walk there with your family, pick up mushrooms, observe birds and squirrels… Well, that’s France. Elsewhere, sometimes the forest is hell. A green hell where you can get lost, get eaten, stung, drown, die of hunger, thirst or go crazy. Vibe…

1. The Amazonian Forest (Brazil, Peru, Colombia…)

Spread over 9 countries, with an area of ​​550,000,000 hectares, the Amazon Rainforest is the mother of all forests. The one that fascinates as much as it frightens. A challenge launched to adventurers who left more than one on the floor. The puma, the jaguar, the vampire bat, the anacondas or the piranhas still pass because we see them coming. The thing is, in the Amazon there are also equally deadly but much more treacherous little critters. The Candiru is a good example. A small scavenger fish that lodges in the urethra of its victims to make a big mess. There are also spiders, such as the so-called banana spider. Not only is it the most dangerous in Brazil, but it also has a bad temper… Basically, setting foot in the Amazonian forest is already putting your life at risk…

2. Daintree Forest (Australia)

It is well known: in Australia, 90% of plants and animals want to kill human beings. In the water, but also on land and more especially in the forest of Daintree, which is a wonderful sanctuary of many species. You can find everything there, including some 12,000 species of insects. And in the lot, not bad can hurt, or even worse…

3. Aokigahara (Japan)

A dangerous forest for somewhat obscure reasons. But deep down, even if we exclude legends, alleged ghosts and all the slightly creepy stuff that surrounds this supposedly cursed place, Aokigahara remains visibly risky. Because it’s one of the places where people commit suicide the most in the world and because it’s easy to get lost…

4. Redwood Forest (USA)

With an area of ​​more than 534 km2, Redwood National Park in California is particularly dense. It is therefore easy to get lost or come face to face with a brown bear, a puma or a lynx (in the first case, don’t worry, we have tips for not being attacked by a bear). You can also see beavers. But there is little chance that they will seek to end your life.

5. Jog Falls Forest (India)

There are of course some animals a little hostile to the presence of man, who intend to defend their territory, and rightly so. But here, it’s the water that can kill. It is therefore not recommended to walk there during the monsoon. Known for its spectacular waterfalls (the second highest in India), this place can quickly become uninhabitable when it rains heavily and can take the most seasoned by surprise.

6. The Black Forest (Germany)

With an area of ​​6000 km2, the famous Black Forest, in addition to being a little scary, is also dangerous. The first reason is of course that you can get lost in it very easily. The cake of the same name, an abomination of pastry, is also dangerous…

7. Jiuzhaigou Valley (China)

A magical place whose beauty is matched only by its dangerousness. Famous for its waterfalls and enchantingly colored lakes, this forest is full of surprises. Good ones and bad ones.

8. The Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve (Madagascar)

Madagascar films offer a vision of the country that can be misleading. Especially when you set out to enter the Tsingy Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve. A forest of razor-sharp limestone spurs that form a giant maze in which anything can happen. Especially the worst. Avoid if you are not a lemur.

9. The Canadian Boreal Forest (Canada)

Do you see the forest in The Hobbit? Where the foliage of the trees is so thick that the sunlight does not reach the ground? Well here, it’s a bit the same. And if there are no giant spiders camping in the trees, bears and wolves take care of welcoming the unwary who are a little too confident.

10. Epping Forest (England)

We end with a forest without really dangerous animals or extreme climatic conditions. Here, it is the ghosts who represent the danger. One in particular, namely that of Dick Turpin, a highwayman who liked to hijack people. Otherwise, you can also get lost in the forest of Epping, because casually, it is large and very dense.

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