Top 10 most dangerous birds in the world, hello little parakeet

What if the threat came from the sky? What if the birds decide one day to take power? A more feasible task for some birds. Much more dangerous species than the friendly sparrow that comes to sing at our windows. Badly prepared birds in case of conflict with humans, which can cause serious injuries. The best thing is still to respect them and not provoke them…

1. The Cassowary

Already, a bird that naturally wears a helmet has reason to cause some suspicion. That said, the cassowary’s helmet has little to do with how dangerous it is. It is rather the claw of 15 cm that it has that we must be wary of. A super dangerous bird therefore the cassowary, since it can kill with a single blow of this famous claw. And since he weighs 70 kilos and can run at 50 km/h, he is a particularly dangerous animal. Especially now that cassowaries seem to be less and less afraid of humans. brought together all the most fearsome creatures in the world, including man.

2. Ostrich

No, but have you seen the size of an ostrich’s thighs? A particularly large bird (it is the largest in the animal kingdom) and fast, which also knows how to defend itself by putting the hard work of the weight room to good use. In other words, if approached too closely and he is not in the mood, this bird can send a lion flying without any problem. And if the Ostrich can kill the King of Beasts, needless to say, a human wouldn’t make a trick.

3. The Herring Gull

Perhaps it was because he got it that we were directly responsible for the fact that there are almost as many plastics in the oceans today as there are fish that the herring gull decided it was fashionable to regularly attack human beings. With its sharp beak, it can hurt a lot and also knows how to organize itself to attack in groups. So be careful because it is not uncommon in Europe.

4. Australian Magpie

Come on, we’re going back to Australia with a seemingly innocuous bird, which attacks without showing any mercy about twice a year, during the breeding season. But you have to understand the magpie! She only seeks to protect her descendants. Cyclists and joggers are the first targets and sometimes even walk around with a helmet on their head with an aggressive face drawn on it. Why ? Because the magpie does not attack if it is observed. Well, that’s what they say…

5. The Mute Swan

Here again it is advisable to be wary of swans when they are in full breeding season. They never hesitate to go on the offensive. And if they can deliberately aim for the eyes, they also know how to hurt with their powerful wings.

6. The Common Loon

The common loon’s preferred weapon? Its sharp beak. Regularly, eagles or gulls who dare to rub shoulders with it pay the price. If a human were to mess with him, it’s a safe bet that he would quickly end up with deep wounds in his neck or face.

7. Barred Owl

Very present in the United States, where it has been able to develop despite its bad reputation (it would be responsible for the decline of the spotted owl), the barred owl can fly without making the slightest noise. For attacking, it is particularly practical. An authentic forest ninja!

8. Bearded Vulture

A species of vulture that can be found in Europe, in the mountains. The vulture which is not particularly popular for its courage since it mainly attacks wounded animals, sometimes contenting itself with gnawing on old carrion. The thing is, sometimes he takes his courage on both legs and gives it a shot anyway. Good to know if you give up on a hike in the Pyrenees. Since the bearded vulture has no trouble piercing a turtle’s shell, a skull will not put up much resistance.

9. The Snowy Owl

It is the avian emblem of Canada and one of the most beautiful and fearsome owls in the world. Don’t be fooled by its majestic appearance because its talons are sharp enough to rip your face off in no time.

10. Red-tailed Hawk

If we are not going to disturb its peace, the buzzard is quite sociable. If we have fun disturbing it, however, its talons will be its best weapon to assert its rights. You are warned if you go through North America. Including in Central Park in New York where she has taken up residence.

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