Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals In Australia, And They’re Not Who You Think

Australia is known for its dangerous animals: snakes, spiders, crocodiles, we no longer present them. Unfortunately, the deadliest species are not the most talked about. There are far too few survivors who can witness the attacks of these absolutely abominable animals, which seem straight out of a horror movie. After investigating and gathering testimonials and evidence, I present to you today an unofficial list of Australia’s most dangerous animals.

1. Goofy

He bears his name very well since he is a real patient: he has no real technique but his completely unpredictable reactions make him a formidable predator. He jumps everywhere, bites, claws, in short, the total.

2. Penguins

Exit the funny little penguins of the south of the country. Because of climate change, these birds have mutated to have instead of their cute little bugger a kind of huge mouth that swallows absolutely everything. Including their brethren. I would like to know what commitments the Cop21 intends to take to deal with this kind of scourge.

3. Possum

Beware, nocturnal animal. With him, you are rather quiet during the day, although you should always be wary of a lost opossum which can become all the more aggressive. It is especially at night that it acts, generally with two or three congeners. By hanging by the tail, they quietly await their victims and the latter, softened by this fortuitous encounter, do not even have time to understand what is happening to them when they are already neutralized.

4. Wombats

The wombat also lives at night but sometimes comes out during the day if it is really hungry. The technique of this ball of muscles of extraordinary density is simple: it charges on its victims and the impact is most often fatal.

5. Kangaroos

The kangaroo is the star of the country. It is to Australia what the lion is to the African savannah, the caribou to Canada, the Bengal tiger. However, although we only show you pictures of nice Skippys who hop nicely in the meadow, the reality is quite different. Kangaroos are true forces of nature who don’t hesitate to use their biceps to demolish anything in their path.

6. Emu

With emu, we play in a different category. Impossible to escape when he targeted you. Its large size, its sharp beak, its powerful wings and its neck which it uses like a club are unstoppable weapons. Its large, protruding eyes make it easy to spot (although its height of around 1m60 usually helps to see it from afar, but hey, you never know), but they’ll probably be the last thing you see.

7. Tasmanian Devil

No, the Tasmanian Devil does not create a tornado by spinning very quickly. On the other hand, he has one of the most powerful jaws in the world, and he doesn’t hesitate to use it on anything and everything. Beware of this one, once it holds you, it won’t let you go. Never.

8. Quokka

The quokka is the happiest animal in the world. He is so cute with his little smile. But of course. Whoever said that has clearly never met one. And he wouldn’t be there to talk about it. Anyone who has come across this deceitful and devious little animal on the islands of Rottnest or Bald has never returned. They are said to lure tourists with their adorable scoundrel, while twenty other individuals approach from behind and take them into their sophisticated underground networks to turn them into sex slaves.

9. Drop bear: the carnivorous koala

Koalas are the only animals, it seems, to have no predators. And their cousins ​​surely benefit from this same attribute. You surprise me, who would want to approach these bloodthirsty beasts.

10. Kookaburra

By far the most vicious. Without hesitation. Do not be fooled by its magnificent plumage and its unusual song. And above all: never stare him in the eyes. Once it makes eye contact, the kookaburra hypnotizes you and makes it impossible to resurface. With a look, he plunges you into the deepest despair, and the psychological pain is such that you would have preferred to come across one of the specimens mentioned above to enjoy a shorter death.” cc=”” url=”” ]

Now that you have been warned, I hope you will avoid crossing paths with these monsters in search of power, revenge and probably world conquest.

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