Top 10 most common causes of house fires, be on your guard

We often make bad mistakes for the house without even realizing it, but we have to be careful because the consequences can be disastrous. All it takes is an overloaded power strip or a badly extinguished candle to cause a fire and that’s really something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. If you follow these tips to the letter, you should be fine.

1. Faulty electrical installation

A study by the ONSE showed that 25% of domestic fires start from the electrical installation. Sometimes it is because of an installation that is not up to standard or defective, but a fire can also break out if too many devices are plugged into the same overheating outlet. We never say it often enough: never plug a power strip into another power strip.

2. A heat source too close to an object

Heat sources such as space heaters or halogen lamps can easily start fires. Obviously, they should not be placed near flammable objects such as curtains, clothing or even plants. Worse still, never try to put a fabric over a lamp to create a subdued atmosphere

3. Appliances in the kitchen

The kitchen is a dangerous place, it is in this room that 20% of domestic fires start. Whether with the oven or the hob, gas installations are often the problem. Appliances like the toaster can also start an electrical fire, so care should be taken in limiting the number of appliances plugged in at the same time.

4. Forgotten candles

A great classic of home fires: candles. We know it’s dangerous but we can’t help it, we love to light them all over the house and let them burn for hours. It only takes one candle to come into contact with paper, fabric or any flammable object for the whole accommodation to catch fire in a few minutes.

5. Kids trying to kill everyone

Children are somewhat weak living beings, everyone knows that. As children love to explore and test limits, they may be tempted to play with matches or lighters (even more so if they have been told it is forbidden) so please do not leave potentially dangerous items behind. close to your young children.

6. Badly extinguished cigarettes

Cigarettes are often responsible for forest fires but it can also happen in a house. All it takes is a badly extinguished butt to ignite a nearby object and it even happens that people fall asleep with their cigarette (yes, that happens).

7. A poorly maintained boiler

In a house or apartment, the boiler should be checked by a heating engineer every year. In fact, no one does that because it’s kind of sucky to pay a professional for a routine visit. So inevitably, an unmaintained boiler can be the cause of a domestic fire.

8. Christmas decorations

Every year, at Christmas time, decoration enthusiasts go a little too far and it happens that things get out of hand. Fairy lights that do not comply with European standards can create sparks and start a fire, as can overloaded sockets and extension cords. It also happens that candles are left too close to the decorations and a drama can quickly happen.

9. An unswept chimney

Having a functional chimney requires a little work, in particular it must be swept regularly to be able to use it. Otherwise, the debris stuck in the flue may catch fire and the room can quickly fill with toxic smoke.

10. Barbecues in the summer

A charcoal barbecue is already a little dangerous, but as some love to live dangerously, they do not hesitate to use alcohol to light the fire or very toxic firelighters. In the height of summer, all it takes is an ember that takes flight and settles on the ground to ignite dry grass. So we stop doing n’imp okay?

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