Top 10 most beautiful stadiums in the world

I already want to say before some freak out, that this is a subjective and questionable opinion, so if you don’t find your heart stage in this top, please don’t start your nervousness computer/phone on the ground. Nor on me. I don’t deserve so much violence.

But there you go, you will still find an exhaustive and relevant list (yes, all of that at the same time) of the stadiums with the most interesting architecture, because sport is an art, and it deserves to be practiced in the most beautiful places.

1. Arena Amazonia, Brazil

When you think of a stadium in Brazil, you necessarily think of the mythical Maracana de Rio, and that’s normal.

But from an architectural point of view, the Arena Amazonia, built in 2014 in Manaus, is much more original. Indeed, the stadium was designed with the aim of “respecting nature” with an ecological construction (recovery of rainwater to water the lawn, solar panels to supply the stadium, etc.).

The metal structure resembling the straw baskets typical of the region, in short everything has been thought out and that’s what we like.

2. La Bombonera, Argentina

This stadium located in Buenos Aires is the 3rd largest stadium in the country. Very famous for its atmosphere, the stadium was also built in the form of a candy box (hence the nickname, because the real name is in fact: Estadio Alberto J. Armando). This rectangular-shaped stadium with high tiers was designed to resemble an arena, which gives sporting events an even more spectacular dimension.

3. Munich Olympic Stadium, Germany

This stadium was built in 1972 to host the Olympic Games, its construction represents one of the largest in West Germany (the place was previously used to dump the ruins of the bombed city).

It can accommodate up to 69,000 spectators, and its structure is remarkable for its lightness, built around an innovative idea: elaborate tents and stretched roofs being in fact a set of cables supporting panes of glass.

4. Oita Stadium, Japan

Located in the city of Oita in Japan, this stadium which is mainly used for football and nicknamed the “Big Eye” because of its shape. Its impressive structure is renowned throughout the world for its airy and massive appearance.

5. Stade Velodrome, France (as if you didn’t know)

Well let’s say it, the OM stadium is really not yucky. Second largest stadium in France, the undulating silhouette of the stadium makes it special and original. The height of the stadium is also important since the Vélodrome is higher than the Stade de France, which however has a greater capacity.

6. Beijing National Stadium, China

Reputed to look like a real bird’s nest, this stadium was built in 2008 for the Olympic Games (like many other stadiums after all). Its construction was carried out by the two architects Herzog and Meuron as well as the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, hence its very conceptual structure. Moreover today the stadium is above all dedicated to artistic events rather than sports.

7. Palau Sant Jordi Stadium, Spain

Built in Barcelona in 1992 for the Olympic Games, this stadium was designed by a Japanese architect (Arata Isozaki), and is best known for its bold architecture.

Its structure is fully mechanized in order to adapt to any sport and any temperature, which is why this place is considered a masterpiece of modern architecture and engineering.

8. Seoul Olympic Stadium, Korea

The stadium took 7 years to be built by Korean architect Kim Swoo Geun. It could hold up to 100,000 people when it was built but was later reduced to 69,950 spectators. It is renowned for its urban planning and for its ability to host both major sporting events (1988 Olympic Games), and cultural events (such as the concerts of the late Michael Jackson, or Lady Gaga).

9. Allianz Arena, Germany (again)

Located on the outskirts of Munich, this stadium has a legendary facade that changes color depending on the meeting, stylish. In addition, its atypical structure looks like a tire, well it’s not an ultra-beautiful tire but it’s original, and that’s what earned it its place in this top.

10. Baku Olympic Stadium in Azerbaijan

Built for the 2015 European Games, it is the largest stadium in Azerbaijan with a capacity of 68,000. Its luminous structure clearly sets it apart from other stadiums in the country. Indeed, it was then the largest construction project in Azerbaijan for many years.

Top 10 most beautiful stadiums in the world
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11. (BONUS) The municipal stadium of Châtillon

MDR no, hide with your naughty stadium.

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