Top 10 most aggressive cat breeds

“Cats are affectionate animals when they feel like it. The rest of the time, they are real little crap. » It is with these delicate words that Professor Vintberg, considered the greatest veterinarian in the world, described these ugly beasts (don’t go looking, I just invented the existence of this man).

In reality all cats are different, but overall, there are certain breeds of cats that are more conducive to aggression. I suggest you do a little overview of these species which, although cute, will not hesitate to beat you up without any pretext. It should be noted that each cat is different, it is not because you have a specimen of one of these breeds that it will necessarily break your knees. We are talking here about character traits common to the breed.

1. Le Manul

Look at this little head that looks like a mix between Rafiki in The Lion King and the devil himself. The manul, also called “Pallas’ cat” or “the last shadow before death” by a whole category of rodent, is a solitary, territorial and really aggressive animal. Its name comes from Mongolian and roughly means “feline” and it lives in the steppes of Central Asia.

Interesting and true story: According to some beliefs, Genghis Khan was a manul.

2. The Savannah

This “little” ball of hair was born from a cross between a serval and a domestic cat. The serval is a type of feline that can weigh up to 26 kilograms, which gives you an idea of ​​the mess. The Savannah is therefore necessarily bigger than a normal cat since it can weigh up to fourteen kilos (generally classified as the biggest cat in the world). The animal is still banned in Brussels because it is deemed unsuitable for life in captivity. He actually keeps a real “bond” with the serval and can be dangerous and extremely wild.

Interesting and true story: The Savannah is the only living being to have won a fight against Chuck Norris.

3. The Chausie

The Chausie, or “cat with a venerable head” is an American cat breed crossed between a Chaus (jungle cat) and a domestic cat. Once again, it is the nature of its ancestors that can explain that the Chausie is not always a 100% safe animal (the “chaus” still means chaos, huh). But obviously the breed is now a little more stabilized and it is a cat that is said to be faithful and who needs company. After maybe he will eat your guests, it’s possible.

Interesting and true story: Scientists believe that a single pissed off chausie could cause as much damage as the zombies of ‘World War Z’.

4. The Siamese

Siamese cats, believed to be descendants of the sacred temple cats of Siam in Asia, are very popular (and expensive) cats. The thing about the Siamese is that obviously he is in huge demand for attention, if the master does not take care of him enough he can quite give it back to him in his own way by breaking everything in his house. Moreover, if he is generally close to his master, he is not always close to those around him and can be aggressive towards other people. A cat that is a bit too exclusive.

Interesting and true story: General De Gaulle was a Siamese cat.

5. The sphynx

Already a hairless cat is a bit of a macdo order delivered without the fries but let’s move on, the Sphynx is an animal native to Canada and is sensitive to the sun or extreme cold. Like you have to put sunscreen on him and make him take baths, it’s still bad for a cat. That being said, this breed is known to be very smart and to be able to learn tricks. On the one hand, it is boredom that can push a sphynx to bring misery to its master and those around it, but also the fact that this animal knows what it wants and takes it very badly not to do so. obtain. A real mess yes.

Interesting and true story: The creation of the nuclear bomb was overseen by a Sphynx.

6. Bombay

Created by mad scientists people who wanted to get a kind of black panther in child size, the Bombay is a cat that is often described as friendly, nice and homebody. But sometimes there are some less cool character traits. It’s when disturbed or frightened that Bombays can get quite aggressive and kick your ass. In addition, even when playing they can be quite violent because they have amazing strength compared to their size. If they don’t get the attention they crave, they’ll clearly let you know in a heavy-handed way.

Interesting and true story: The big bang was caused by a Bombay playing with planets.

7. Bengal

The Bengal is literally the most beautiful cat in the world, I don’t want to hear it. Crossed from a leopard cat and a domestic cat, it is necessary to monitor the number of generations which separates it from its ancestor at the time of purchase so as not to end up with a small potential beast. Indeed, they can have quite wild and violent behavior even when they are playing. They are cats that need to move, to hunt, so they will not be suitable for living in an apartment where, in addition to being unhappy, they will make you understand that they are bored.

Interesting and true story: Bengal cats are used to ward off bears in Canada.

8. Pixie Bob

The Pixie-bob is a domestic cat that looks a bit like the bobcat (which has given rise to a legend that he is a descendant of it). If the animal is not inherently mean (like most of the cats in this top huh), it can show quite considerable strength when playing. Canadians describe him as “a dog in cat’s clothing” because he likes to follow his master and is sociable. But he is not suitable for everyone because, like most purebred cats, if he does not have what he wants, he can quickly become aggressive.

Interesting and true story: The movie Rambo traces the life of a pixie-bob soldier war hero.

9. The Egyptian Mau

A brave beast, the Egyptian Mau who quickly befriends his host family to the point of often cooking them a terrine of mice on his bed of dead leaves. The problem you may have with this cat is that it really cares about its business. Like, don’t have fun stealing his toy or his kibble because he’s rather possessive and won’t hesitate to defend his loot. He is quite shy by nature with strangers so there is little chance (in general) that he will land on your friends’ laps.

Interesting and true story: The Egyptian Mau was the main plague of Egypt.

10. The American Wirehair

Already just with his little venerable head, the American Wirehair sets the tone. If the animal can quietly occupy itself for several hours by doing accounting, it should not be left for too long on its own, otherwise it will smash your interior. Not necessarily open with strangers, the Wirehair can very well decide to attack your guests, like that, because it makes him laugh.

Interesting and true story: The American Wirehair has already been used to change the trajectory of an asteroid. The film “Armageddon” is inspired by it.

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