Top 10 monuments destroyed by Nature (which is sometimes a big bastard)

Nature has superpowers but she doesn’t always make good use of them. Wicked wicked nature. We’re pissed off building monuments for centuries and hop a little hurricane and we don’t talk about it anymore, nothing remains, pissed off, when I think we got pissed off bringing stones back from the other side of the world and now, huh, everything has to start over, I want to cry.

Wicked, wicked nature.

1. Azure Window Malta

It happened close to you. The Azure Window of Malta, filmed in Games of Thrones, but above all a wonderful opening on the sea, has been swallowed up by a storm. There is still Etretat, but it is colder there all the same.

2. Haiti and its National Palace

Almost all of Haiti’s colonial heritage was destroyed during the terrible earthquake of 2010, and this is the least important thing given the number of deaths and the impossible reconstruction of an island decidedly not hit by the luck. Among the destroyed buildings is the National Palace, which housed the seat of the President of the Republic and dates from 1912.

3. Alexandria Lighthouse

Dating from the 3rd century BC, the lighthouse of Alexandria, a wonder of the world 140 meters high, was gradually destroyed by successive earthquakes, until that of 1303 came completely to an end. end. To remember it, there is always a song by Claude François.

4. The Colossus of Rhodes

Erected on the island of Rhodes around -292, this statue of Helios more than 30 meters high did not have a very long life, since it was destroyed by an earthquake in -227. The Greeks, decidedly lazy, did not clear the debris until 654. That is more than 800 years with a large statue on the ground.

5. The National Museum of New Delhi

Opened in 1978, the National Museum of New Delhi housed a collection related to fauna and flora, built up over its almost 40 years of existence. Then, in 2016, a fire completely destroyed it without anyone really knowing why or how the fire started. It’s a bit like the museum of hunting and nature was destroyed. We would be sad.

6. Sant’Agostino Church and Nicola Filotesio Museum

During the earthquake suffered by central Italy, in 2016, the city of Amatrice, epicenter of the earthquake, tasted seriously. The entire facade of the Church of Sant’Agostino, built in 1428, collapsed, as well as the museum dedicated to Nicola Filotesio, a pupil of Raphael.

7. San Pedro Apostol Church in Loboc

Built from 1602 by Portuguese missionaries on Philippine territory, the San Pedro Apostol church was a treasure of Romanesque art, based in Loboc. The 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the area in October 2013 severely damaged it,

8. Dharahara

Bhimsen Tower, one of Kathmandu’s main tourist attractions, built in 1832 and listed as a UNESCO heritage site, collapsed during the 2015 earthquake that hit the area. 60 people died while visiting it.

9. Virxe da Barca Sanctuary

This church in Muxia, in the province of A Coruña, Spain, was destroyed in 2013 by a fire started by lightning. It dates from the 17th century and was built on a pre-Christian sanctuary.

10. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, built around 350 BC, was one of the 7 wonders of the world. It lasted until the 15th century, but successive earthquakes ended up destroying it. Only ruins remain.

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