Top 10 mistakes we all make with punctuation, a science that is not at all simple

Punctuation gives rhythm to the French language and makes it more readable. Mouaif. The problem is that we sometimes tend to do everything and anything (we had dedicated a top entirely dedicated to the semicolon) with her for simple style or especially by excess of zeal. Luckily we’re here to get you back on track. Path.

1. Put a comma before writing “and”

Example : “I would like to eat poo, and pee”


In this context, we can clearly see that it does not work. But where the comma is insidious and sneaky is that in another context, it would be welcome, such as: “Sometimes I eat children alive when the weather is nice, and defecate them when it rains . »

A comment on the choice of my example? 2. Separate a subject from its verb with a comma

Example :

“My husband, loves farts”

If you want to put a suspense effect in this sentence at all costs, you are advised to put ellipses (because in “suspension”, there is “suspension”) in order to create a dramatic tension: “ My husband… likes farts”. 3. Do not put spaces before and after double signs

Example :

“The objects that excite me the most sexually: the toaster, the lamppost, the toothpaste. »

You can clearly see that there is a testicle in the pie. Good generally, we still put at least one space (yes because in punctuation we say “a” space and not “a”) before or after. So to make no more mistakes, know that for simple punctuation marks (comma, period, ellipsis) you must put a space after the sign, and for double signs (colons, semicolons, period exclamation or interrogation) we put a space before and a space after. 4. Do not put a space before a unit of measure

Example :

“My penis measures 27cm. »

Oh no dear priapic! Your penis measures 27 cm with a space in front. In the same way, you don’t pay your dealer €89 but €89. 5. Put an ellipsis after “etc.”

Example :

“I slept with Jacques, Hubert, Catherine, Dylan, Marina, Jules, Adrien, Zulmée etc…”

So it’s fine to sleep with lots of people, but there’s no point in adding ellipsis to accentuate the fact that there are many others. We just write “etc.” “, point. 6. Keep the same quotes when doing a quote within a quote within a quote

Example :

“While I was walking in the low countryside, a cow said to me “Hello Sir, you know that I met a donkey this morning who made me a great joke ‘What do you call a bull in a thong? A mad cow! LOL LMAO’ ” “

Good already basic, cows are not known for their highly developed sense of humor so this example is not at all credible. Then, when you know how to handle the French language more or less, you avoid the infinite mise en abyme of the quotation. However, if you really have the irrepressible urge to put quotations in the quotations it is advisable to change the signs of quotation marks in order to distinguish them. 7. Do not leave punctuation within a quote

Example :

“And then, at that moment, Véronique said to me, ‘Eat your dead.’ »

In reality, Véronique uttered a sentence, with a final point that we are therefore obliged to reproduce in the quotation. 8. Keep the same signs when you make a parenthesis within a parenthesis [1882-1971]Example :

“I love porn (but also painting, such as Igor Stravinsky […] ). »

Just like quotation marks, it unfortunately happens in life that we find ourselves obliged to integrate a parenthesis within a parenthesis and there it quickly becomes a mess. For more readability we will therefore use square brackets

inside the parenthesis. 9. Do not capitalize polite expressions or inhabitants of geographical regions

Example :

“Hey miss, do you know the story of a whore, a blonde and a Belgian? »

Error young damoiseau! Certainly the capitals do not get along orally but know that to seduce a young lady you have to know how to put the forms. Thus “Mademoiselle” takes a capital letter just like “Arab” and “Belgian”. We say “Belgian fries” but “Belgians love fries”. Do you get it? 10. Place a comma in the middle of a word

Example :

Top 10 mistakes we all make with punctuation, a science that is not at all simple

“Presently I think I know I am in the non se,ns” If the comma gives the reader a break, and some words are complex enough to require a pause, however, it is absolutely not acceptable to place a comma in the middle of a word. Be strong, resist against this evil inclination.

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